FROSH Preview: #GeorgetownProblems

First off, we’d like to give an official Vox Populi welcome to the Class of 2015, for officially graduating from “pre-frosh” to bona fide freshmen. As you begin your career on the Hilltop, you’re going to notice that, although your fellow classmates may have different interests and hail from different corners of the Garden State, […]

Finals 2011: Escape from Lau edition

[Editor's Note: This post was originally published last year.] We know you’ve already started studying, which puts you miles ahead of most of us here at Vox. But here’s a couple tips for places to go if you find yourself a living like a refugee in Lauinger. Our suggestions: Hariri Building. Once the hidden gem […]

Vox Talks returns: What do want from your GUSA President?

It’s been a while, but Vox Talks is back. Last Wednesday, we asked every student in Lauinger Library at 4:30 a.m. what they wanted from their GUSA President. Candidates, take heed!

A look at the new Georgetown Library: Is it better than Lau?

This midterm season, a new option has opened up for students who tire of the brutal Lauinger Memorial Library. Those who yearn for a more civilized studying experience would be well-advised to head up Wisconsin to the newly reopened Georgetown Public Library. The library, which was destroyed in a fire in 2007, moved from its […]

This week in the Voice: College, the first generation

This week’s in Features, Nico Dodd and Sean Quigley profile first-generation college students and how they transition to Georgetown. “About eight percent of this year’s freshman class, approximately 120 students, are first-generation college students,” they write. “They come from families and, in some cases, communities where attending college is the exception, not the norm.” News […]

The Worst Idea Georgetown’s Ever Had: Property edition

This week’s “Worst Idea” covers two of Georgetown’s silliest property-related decisions: building Lauinger Library as a brutalist interpretation of Healy Hall, and selling WGTB’s radio license. We’ll keep the polls open for your votes until next week, when we’ll move onto the next round. Lauinger Library When visitors cross under Georgetown’s august front gates, they […]

New Lau policy cracks down on guests’ computer usage

Lauinger Library is about to get a bit roomier. Changes to the University’s notoriously lax computer usage policy, which once led Washington City Paper to name Lauinger Library as one of D.C.’s best places to mooch internet access, will make it more difficult for guests to use the library’s computers. “The impetus for the Library’s […]

Lauinger Library owns a very expensive document

Last month, Sotheby’s auctioned a 1776 broadside copy of the Declaration of Independence that sold for more than $500,000. While the auction fell short of its $600,000 to $800,000 estimated sale price, press coverage revealed a surprising fact—only four similar documents exist, and Georgetown owns one of them. According to Manuscripts Processor Ted Jackson, Lauinger […]

Vox‘s favorite study spots for upcoming final exams

Did finals creep up on anybody else? Suddenly, Lauinger Library is filled with students—some cramming, some writing, and some watching Hulu to avoid impending work. As in semesters past, expect Lau to be packed until that very last final on May 15. To help out, Voice staffers suggested some of their favorite (i.e. lesser-known) study spots […]

Architect who built Lauinger passes away at 91

Admit it—you’ve walked across Healy Lawn, looked to the west, and thought, “Damn. Lau is an ugly, ugly building.” But, let’s try to hold our tongues for the next few days out of respect for the dead. John Carl Warnecke, the library’s main architect, passed away earlier this month after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer […]