Rafik B. Hariri Building receives LEED certification

As expected, the Rafik B. Hariri Building has been awarded LEED certification for its environmentally-friendly features. Georgetown applied for LEED Certification, which is awarded to buildings that are sustainable, and water, energy, resource, and material efficient, during the… Read More

Georgetown “Social Safeway” to reopen on May 6

Vox doesn’t necessarily share the same enthusiasm of the Safeway press release announcing Social Safeway’s impending reopening—which is entitled “The Return of a Washington, D.C. Legend”—but we are excited to hear that after almost nine months of construction,… Read More

Georgetown Safeway to seek LEED certification

When it reopens in 2010, the produce aisle may not be Social Safeway’s only “green” feature. Owners of the currently under-construction Safeway on Wisconsin Avenue will seek LEED certification for the new building, DCmud reports. LEED certification is awarded… Read More