Comments of the Week: Age has powerful effects on the mind

Last week, Vox Populi had the great fortune of an opportunity to interview the famed ANC Commissioner Ron Lewis, a man who has gone so far as to endorse 100 percent students housed on campus to now becoming a crucial advocate and negotiating partner for the university. We asked Vox readers what their burning questions would be for Commissioner Lewis. King […]

Breaking: Leo’s health inspection reports eight violations

Yesterday, D.C.’s Department of Health released its annual health inspection report on Georgetown’s Leo J. O’Donovan Dining Hall, identifying six critical violations and two non-critical. Leo’s is in the third level risk category. The report form states that “six or more critical violations that cannot be corrected on site during the course of the inspection results in an automatic […]

This Week in the Voice: The Life of a G.I. Jane Hoya

This week’s Feature delves into the lives of women in Georgetown’s ROTC program. ““Sometimes I feel like it is a love-hate relationship,” said Chloé Nalbantian (COL ‘15), a cadet in Georgetown’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps program. To her, even though the camaraderie and team spirit of the squad is rewarding, the ROTC program is […]

Prefrosh Preview: Eating at Leo’s—A Primer

Georgetown has but one, single dining hall—everyone’s favorite, Leo J. O’Donovan’s. The University considers purchasing a meal plan a “fundamental part of developing community among resident students,” which seems to be true, though it may be more of a point of commiseration rather than celebration. Here are a few  tips on how to get by […]

Twuesday Tweetacular: We don’t need no stinkin’ transparency

Sam Ungar shows how only GUSA could make a discussion about transparency completely opaque. Josh, you have no idea how happy former Hoya Bill Clinton is that GUSA senator Daniel LaMagna (COL ’13) took this dubious honor from him. The mockery he received during his own GUSA presidential campaign haunted him so much Al Gore […]

Twuesday Tweetacular: What’s up with that wall?

Kathryn Berg questions the administration’s bizarre approach to the construction of the science building. Conspiracy theorists, now is your time to shine. Former Vox editor Nico Dodd doesn’t realize that it really was Chinese food. Well actually, it was American brand cereal manufactured in China, so I’m not sure how it should be categorized.

Prefrosh Preview: A guide to enjoying (and surviving) Leo’s

Our very own Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall is a bit of a bonding experience for all freshmen and sophomores, who must submit to the mandatory meal plan, barring a few exceptions. Vegetarianism doesn’t get you a pass on Leo’s, but you bleeding heart animal lovers will be pleased to hear Peta2 voted Georgetown the 10th most vegetarian […]

Georgetown Aramark workers’ union certified

A union of Georgetown University’s Aramark workers was officially certified this week, marking the end of nearly two months of negotiations between Aramark, which operates several food service locations at Georgetown, and Unite Here, a union that represents 80,000 foodservice workers nationwide. “The union at Georgetown for its Aramark workers at Leo’s, Starbucks,  Cosi, the […]

BREAKING: Aramark employees at GU plan to unionize

Aramark employees told their management on Feb. 9 that they intend to unionize as a part of Unite Here, a foodservice union. The announcement comes after more than a year of clandestine planning by Aramark workers, who were later joined by Unite Here union organizers and Georgetown students and professors. The unionization effort by the […]

Freshman serenades girl in Leo’s, wears fantastic hat

To lighten your spirits in case you’re still homeless, here’s a photo of Alex Baker (MSB ’14), pictured here in a cowboy hat, serenading a mystery girl in Leo’s to the tune of Lonestar’s “Amazed,” everyone’s favorite slow-dance song from junior prom. [Editor's Note: Actually, second-favorite.] Was it an initiation prank? Did he win over […]

GUSA Roundup: And so, it begins

The 2010-2011 Georgetown University Student Association Senators were sworn in on Sunday, officially beginning the year’s agenda. While the meeting was heavy on ideas and questions from the senators and light on formal votes, the discussions suggest that many of last year’s issues will rear their heads soon. Chris Pigott (COL’12), last year’s Senate Vice-Speaker, […]