Prefrosh Preview: Good eatin’ at Leo’s

The University considers purchasing a meal plan a “fundamental part of developing community among resident students,” which seems to be true, though it may be more of a point of commiseration rather than celebration. But since freshmen and sophomores are… Read More

Just the Tip: Carrying on with a handle of vodka

In this week’s column, Emlyn counsels a daughter who is worried about her mother’s alcohol consumption and helps a sophomore decide whether or not to get a meal plan next year. Be sure to submit your questions after… Read More

Comments of the Week: Fascist bananas

This week was bittersweet for Vox: In much-beloved Voxy Gurl’s last week as Vox editor, we saw three students win Marshall and Mitchell Scholarships and students starting to insult each other over Facebook, now through a third party!… Read More

What it’s like to be a SEAL, or, O’Donovan’s on the Waterfront

 A spork at Leo’s Eating at Georgetown is something we all do. Three times a day if we’re feeling healthy. Perhaps a Chicken Madness from Wisey’s, or ladies lunch at Pie Sisters. Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall, however, is… Read More

Students thank Leo’s workers for staying overtime during hurricane

Hoyas took a little time away from Halloween celebrations on Wednesday night to thank dining hall workers who ensured students had food amidst the Frankenstorm that reached its height on Tuesday afternoon. The dining hall remained open for… Read More

Churros and mango salad appear in small plate form at Leo’s

What is this specimen? It’s sugary, it looks like a doughnut, and reminds me of my study abroad  semester in Spain. But  no. Churros at Leo’s. Not possible. Apparently, it’s “Maximum Mexican” day at Leo’s. The last time you were… Read More

Students slam Aramark at first Hoya Roundtables on Leo’s

During the first Hoya Roundtable of the new school year, students had the chance to voice their concerns about the facilities at Georgetown. As usual, students were concerned about the most important facility at Georgetown: Leo O’Donovan Dining… Read More

Leo’s passes second health inspection with zero violations

The Department of Health recently released a secondary, “follow-up” report that took place on September 24th for the Leo J. O’Donovan Dining Hall. The report shows that Leo’s passed in every single category. There were no observations that required… Read More

Comments of the Week: Age has powerful effects on the mind

Last week, Vox Populi had the great fortune of an opportunity to interview the famed ANC Commissioner Ron Lewis, a man who has gone so far as to endorse 100 percent students housed on campus to now becoming a crucial advocate and… Read More

Breaking: Leo’s health inspection reports eight violations

Yesterday, D.C.’s Department of Health released its annual health inspection report on Georgetown’s Leo J. O’Donovan Dining Hall, identifying six critical violations and two non-critical. Leo’s is in the third level risk category. The report form states that “six or… Read More