Epicurean, Leo’s, The Tombs, and Bangkok Bistro were high-risk violators of D.C. health code in 2009

A couple of weeks ago, Vox got the Freedom of Information Act itch and decided to FOIA the Food Establishment Inspection Reports of some local restaurants. We obtained the two most recent health inspection reports from the D.C…. Read More

Student finds hardware in her fried rice at Leo’s

When Julie Patterson (COL ’12) bit down on something hard mixed in with her fried rice at Leo’s on Thursday night, she figured it was a bone—it wasn’t. “It was so disgusting …  I realized it was round… Read More

Solidarity protests Aramark’s tomato- purchasing practices

The Georgetown Solidarity Committee is protesting against the University’s food service provider, Aramark, accusing them of unjust tomato-buying practices, according to GSC’s blog. According to the post, large food service companies like Aramark and Sodexo, have been using… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: Learning to love (or at least tolerate) Leo’s

Editor’s Note: For this week’s freshman feature we’ll be giving the Class of 2013 information about the gustatory delights that await them at Georgetown. The feature is split up in to two separate posts, one on Leo’s and… Read More

Georgetown’s “Year in Review” stats sheet reveals our gluttonous side

We’re such fatties… Georgetown recently posted a “Year in Review: 2008-2009” package. Mostly it’s just a best-of compilation from Blue & Gray, but it’s also got a pretty fascinating By the Numbers page, which includes some random stats… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Amusing (new!) alums, summer sleep cycles

Want a shot at your own 15 seconds of internet micro-micro-fame?  Start following us on Twitter (GtownVoxPop) and, if you’re connected to Georgetown, we’ll return the favor and you’ll automatically be in the running! Former Voice Publisher Michael… Read More

Georgetown to hold Inaugural Ball … in Leo’s

Not pictured: requisite ice sculptures Further evidence has surfaced that Leo’s is better suited for pomp and swank than for eating: “Not able to score tickets to one of the balls taking place around DC? You’re in luck…. Read More

Beloved blue cups return to Leo’s

If you haven’t been to the cafeteria yet, there’s a treat waiting for you: blue cups! The cups, admired for their generous girth, disappeared from Leo’s earlier this year after students stole them. I can’t blame the thieves,… Read More

Solidarity raises $13,000 for Leo’s worker, $5,000 from anonymous donor

The Solidarity Committee’s campaign to help Leo’s employee Leslie Tang, whose home was destroyed in a fire, turned out really, really well: We have really pulled it together and accompanied Leslie as a community through this difficult phase… Read More

E-mails might reveal a new norovirus culprit, employee banned from kitchen

Was it you, meatballs? I know the norovirus is old news, but the whole Passion of the Organic to Go was just so weird. The University canceled its contract with the reportedly delicious Grab and Go folks even… Read More