Leo’s employee’s house burns down, needs help

Speaking of Leo’s, sad news from the Solidarity Committee: Leo’s employee recently Leslie Tang lost her house in a fire (emphasis added): She was cooking rice in her kitchen, left the room to do laundry, and the electrical… Read More

Blue cups in Leo’s and the tragedy of the commons

Smug because we proved him right Shortly after the year began, big blue cups disappeared from Leo’s, leaving students only with small clear ones. It seemed like the big blue cups were just more victims in the new… Read More

Happy Norovirus V-Day, Leo’s blameless

The University just sent out an email saying we beat the Dread Pirate Norovirus. Hurray! The cheering will be loudest at Aramark because the email says Leo’s isn’t at fault: The Department of Health continues their investigation into… Read More

They misunderestimated you, norovirus

So it looks like the University won’t be helping students who were infected with the norovirus pay their medical bills. On Monday, VP of Student Affairs Todd Olson also told reporters that the university was unlikely even to… Read More

Student organizing flood of students at monthly Leo’s meeting

Brian Kesten, the head of Georgetown’s Student Commission for Unity and one of this blog’s lodestars, is trying to get students to attend the University Food Committee and complain about Georgetown food poisoning. From an invite to the… Read More

The Georgetown Norovirus FAQ

Didn’t even buy a meal plan There’s been a lot of information about the Georgetown norovirus outbreak on Vox Populi and elsewhere, including the Hoya and Todd Olson’s Xanga. It’s all become a blizzard of words, though, and… Read More

“Handwashing is going to be our mantra”: Georgetown press conference on the norovirus

Editor’s note: Before the Georgetown norovirus info session, the University held a press conference about the norovirus. Molly’s explanation is a lot more coherent than what I did at the info session and has some new information. Still,… Read More

Food poisoning caused by highly contagious Norovirus, 175 students sick, Leo’s open tonight

We’re getting Powerade! Information session liveblog after jump Georgetown just sent out a message saying that the food poisoning is caused by the Norovirus, a contagious virus spread through oral and fecal contact.Georgetown is going to start a… Read More

Slime in the ice machine! Health inspection reports from Leo’s and Georgetown restaurants

Now that Georgetown’s learning the importance of food sanitation the hard way, let’s look at the restaurant health inspections of area restaurants. I filed Freedom of Information Act requests with the Department of Health to get the reports… Read More

Leo’s closed tonight, 88 in hospital

VP for Student Affairs Todd Olson said at today’s press conference on Leo’s food poisoning that Leo’s will open, at the earliest, tomorrow after breakfast. During the delay, university officials and the DC Department of Health will try… Read More