Food poisoning strikes Grab N Go, shuts down Leo’s

At least 25 Georgetown students were hospitalized late last night after eating at Leo’s dining hall, according to a University broadcast email. Voice writer Vivian Chen was told she was victim number fifteen when she walked into the… Read More

The Sistine Cafeteria: Leo’s gets a mural

While you spent the summer promising your mom you’d find a job “next week”, Leo’s actually did some things with itself. You already know it started delivering on promised mini-restaurants, but the really exciting thing is its huge… Read More

Leo’s changes are finally happening, maybe

When Aramark took over Leo’s cafeteria a year ago, they promised 6 “all-you-care-to-eat mini-restaurants” by the beginning of spring semester. They never appeared, and little changed in the dining hall. Things are finally getting going, though, according to… Read More

12 answers to class of ’12 questions

Hey, class of 2012. If you’re hungry for any information you can get about Georgetown, this is your blog. Vox Populi is the next evolutionary stage of Georgetown’s weekly paper, the Voice. We’ll be having a big freshman… Read More

Help out Altagracia!

Sorry for the lack of posting, friends, it’s time for our staff elections and as we transition it’s a little unclear who exactly is responsible for what. However, I wanted to spread the word about an unfortunate accident… Read More

Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch, Margie

When Georgetown environmental group EcoAction sent out an email Wednesday asking people on their email list to steal apples from Leo’s for a booth at the UNICEF carnival, it must’ve seemed harmless. Who hasn’t taken cookies home for… Read More

Leo’s, why hast thou forsaken us?

There’s nothing worse than feeling hungry only an hour after eating at Leo’s. All that foraging through mounds of catfish nuggets, dry rice, and over-seasoned zucchini to find something edible was for naught, apparently. Occasionally, when I’m leaving… Read More

Dining Hall Woes

Not that this is bash Aramark day, but I ventured into Donny’s (Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall, get it?) today and was confronted with cold, cooked, broccoli. For some reason, I love broccoli, but either have it cold and… Read More

Aramark uses Wikipedia for its own nefarious ends

Aramark’s takeover of Leo’s is just okay, despite the sublime pasta bar. It’s going to take at least a semester before we see real changes, but more worrisome is Aramark’s old habit for questionable business practices–and a more… Read More

Are we not finger-worthy?: Marriott’s chicken shame

Chicken fingers may be the most popular item on the Leo’s menu. Served twice a week, they’re proof that Marriott can be trusted with meat sometimes. But I think there are actually two different types of chicken finger,… Read More