On the Record: Lavender Graduation speaker Kara Swisher (SFS ’84)

This April for the second year in a row, the Georgetown University LGBTQ Center will hold Lavender Graduation, a ceremony for LGBTQ students and this year, for LGBT alumni. This year’s commencement speaker is Kara Swisher (SFS ’84),… Read More

Walter Schubert’s complete letters to the Georgetown administration

In today’s Voice news section, I wrote about how the homophobic crimes and sexual crimes against students at Georgetown has begun to affect—and possibly damage—how outsiders view Georgetown. One particularly big affect of these crimes is that Walter… Read More

On the Record with GU Pride co-Presidents Joseph Graumann (SFS ’11) and Carlos Leon (COL ’10)

Joseph Graumann (SFS ’11), left, and Carlos Leon (COL ’10) In this week’s issue, the Voice spoke with co-Presidents of GU Pride Joseph Graumann (SFS ’11) and Carlos Leon (COL ’10) about their organization, the recent hate crimes… Read More

MPD Chief says recent hate crimes may have been motivated by same-sex marriage debate

In a recent interview with WTOP, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier speculated that the of recent hate crimes in Georgetown may have been motivated by the ongoing debate over same-sex marriage. Lanier, who recently told WTOP that… Read More

LGBTQ Center Director says yesterday’s anti-gay slur was directed at her personally, not wider LGBTQ community

Subbaraman in the LGBTQ Center LGBTQ Center Director Sivagami Subbaraman told the Voice that yesterday’s incident—which was described in the campus-wide email as “a written slur posted on the door of the LGBTQ Resource Center”—involved a note addressed… Read More

On hate crimes, Chief Lanier says MPD “will do everything in our power to bring those responsible to justice”

Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier spoke to WTOP about the recent anti-gay incidents on and around campus and said she believes the incidents qualify as hate crimes. Contrary to what MPD Lieutenant John Hedgecock, who covers Georgetown… Read More

Georgetown students, faculty and administrators gather for vigil for hate crime victims

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer A couple hundred students gathered in Red Square Monday evening holding candles to speak out against the recent anti-gay violence. Representatives of student groups from GU Pride to the Georgetown branch of… Read More

Slur written on the door of the LGBTQ Center

A campus-wide e-mail was just sent out regarding the recent bias-related assaults and announced that today there was another anti-gay hate crime: a slur was written on the door of the LGBTQ Center. According to the e-mail: As… Read More

Students organize flash protest against recent anti-gay hate crimes

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer About 70 students met in Red Square this afternoon for a flash protest against the recent anti-gay hate crimes. The rally was organized by Carter Lavin (SFS ’10), a supporter of LGBTQ… Read More

Bias Related Assault at 36th and N Streets

Early this morning a student was assaulted at 36th and N Streets by an unknown male after being asked repeatedly “Are you a homo?” according to a DPS Public Safety Alert. According to the PSA: On November 1,… Read More