Burleith Citizens’ Association sounds the 2010 Campus Plan rallying cry

University administrators held the first of five November meetings with neighbors about their new draft of the 2010 Campus Plan last week. There seemed to be a fair amount for neighbors to be excited about at the meeting… Read More

Burleith debates the ultimate question: to brick or not to brick?

The ultimate controversy causer! There are a few issues that really get debate going on local listservs—political partisanship, newspaper-nabbing students, et cetra—but few topics are as controversial as the question of whether or not sidewalks should be paved… Read More

Political partisanship plagues the Burleith listserv

Messages on the Burleith listserv are generally constrained to the topics of handy men, lost pets, and yard sales, one member, Paul Diego Craney, has decided it’s his duty to up his neighbors’ political awareness. Craney, the Executive… Read More