City Sports to open in Georgetown in December

Good news for all you athletes: City Sports will open a 10,000 square foot, flagship D.C. store at 3338 M Street this December. City Sports, which sells outdoor sports apparel and some equipment, markets itself as a store… Read More

Apparent suicide shuts down M Street early Wednesday morning

Some tragic news: At 4:45 a.m., police discovered a man who had died of a gun shot wound in a car on M Street. Metropolitan Police Department Officer Mark Beach told the Washington Post, which first reported the… Read More

ANC Wrap-up: Police fantasies, sucking up to Harvard, and left-turn lanes

Monday’s Advisory Neighborhood Committee meeting was short on entertainment, but awfully long on just about everything else. Topics included how to ease the traffic jams at the intersection of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, a monthly public safety… Read More

You can Barnes Dance if you want to … at M St. & Wisconsin Ave.

Break out your hoop skirts and bow ties, ladies and gents! The latest trend in pedestrian movement may soon be at your local intersection! Okay, so the Barnes Dance isn’t actually a dance. Also known as the ‘pedestrian… Read More

Review: Morso Express’s so-so debut

Despite its 2 a.m. closing time, if you’re looking for another late-night hotspot for drunken food binges and shouted conversations, the recently-opened Morso Express isn’t it. Nestled in a sliver of real estate along on M St. near… Read More

Morso Express, Mediterranean casual dining, opens Friday on M Street

Vox always sensed that something was missing from Georgetown’s already ample smorgasbord of restaurant offerings, but we were never sure what it was. Maybe it was a casual Mediterranean restaurant where you can make your own kebabs? In… Read More

Brooks Brothers coming to Georgetown as Up Against the Wall closes its doors

A few of you who land fancy-pants jobs upon graduating may need to upgrade from polo shirts with eagle insignias to higher-quality shirts with an insignia of a limp sheep hanging from some sort of ribbon getup. I’m… Read More

Store employee assaulted by shoplifters in Georgetown H&M

On Saturday evening, a female salesperson at the H&M in Georgetown was beaten and sprayed with pepper spray. The woman who assaulted her was one of four women the victim had recognized as shoplifters and had been following… Read More

Closing time for MCCXXIII, maybe for Nathan’s

Not long for this world? This weekend brought news or the threat of two bar closures—one a stalwart of Georgetown culture and the other the darling of ambitious freshman birthday parties. High rent forced MCCXXIII/Spank, the Dupont area… Read More

Georgetown, get your gun store

Thanks to the legislative aftermath of District of Columbia v. Heller, the D.C. Zoning Commission is allowing gun shops to open within the District. So where will they set up shop? Maybe Georgetown, says DCist. Due to zoning… Read More