On the hitRECord: Don Jon director Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It’s 11:45 a.m. at Georgetown’s Ritz Carlton and Vox has just been hurriedly ushered into a suite wherein lies Joseph Gordon-Levitt, alone in a small room apart from his stone-faced entourage. The writer, director, and star of upcoming release Don Jon,… Read More

Paranormal Creativity: An interview with film producer Jason Blum

Hollywood film producer Jason Blum shocked the system when his low-budget horror film Paranormal Activity became a huge hit, making massive profits and precipitating successful annual sequels. Blum, 43, also produced the World War II-era drama The Reader…. Read More

Shira’s Trailer Round-up: Bottom of the Barrel Edition

Major Movie Star “Now, she’s going to prove, she’s more than just a pretty face.” Hey, is that the girl with the beret from High School Musical asking J. Simp to sign her face? Oh, how the mighty… Read More