Recently passed bill brings the District one step closer to marijuana decriminalization

On March 4th in a 10 to 1 vote, the D.C. Council approved a bill to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. The original proposal included a $25 fine for the possesion of less than one ounce—lower than any other state except for Alaska—with an additional $100 fine for smoking pot in public. […]

D.C. Council poised to decriminalize maurijuana


The Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety of the D.C. Council voted last Wednesday in favor of a bill that begins the decriminalization of marijuana. If this bill is passed by the entire council in the coming weeks, possession of marijuana will come with a mere $25 price tag and no jail time. Smoking […]

District Digest: Not to be blunt about it, but weed is nearly legalized

We be burnin’ Last Wednesday, District mayor Vincent Gray publicly expressed support for a bill in the D.C. Council that would decriminalize possession of small quantities of marijuana. Under the proposed legislation, the consequences for being caught with less than an ounce of weed would be reduced to a $100 fine, possible civil charges, and, […]

Activists want D.C. to vote on marijuana legalization in 2014

With legal weed now a reality in Colorado and Washington, far away from meddling narcs, marijuana advocates are eyeing legalization for a District in the feds’ backyard. Last Friday, Adam Eidinger, the co-owner of Capital Hemp and leader of DCMJ 2014, released the draft text of a long-anticipated ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana outright in the […]

Marijuana decriminalization bill set for introduction to D.C. Council

Vox will soon be able to rest easier knowing that light enjoyment of some greenery won’t be met with a jail sentence. At least, hopefully. Under a bill which D.C. Council members Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) and Marion Barry (D-Ward 8) plan to introduce later today, the penalty for marijuana possession under one ounce will be reduced […]

Prefrosh Preview: Weed, molly, coke—pick your favorite

Georgetown doesn’t have a huge drug scene, but many students smoke pot recreationally. Students often find it difficult to find dealers, though, and it’s even harder to find good places to smoke. Most students end up smoking in their dorm rooms or apartments, which is generally fine, though every once in a while people do […]

ACLU report shows racial bias in marijuana arrest rates, advances legalization argument

With recreational weed laws now reality in Colorado and Washington, along with the first commercial hemp crop being planted in 60 years, skies seem clear for marijuana advocates—or perhaps happily hazy. In the District, however, an ACLU report suggests that racial bias continues to mar increasing possession arrests. Using FBI and U.S. Census data, the […]

New poll shows that D.C. wants legal weed

Ahead of Vox‘s favorite day to enjoy nature, D.C. gives us another reason to be glad Georgetown is located in such a liberal city. A new poll released today by the Drug Policy Alliance and the Marijuana Policy Project found that 63 percent of residents supported enacting Colorado-esque legalization schemes here in the District. A […]

Prefrosh Preview: Illicit Activities

Every year, Vox tackles the various vices many students engage in during their college years: drinking, drugs, sex and smoking. As a disclaimer, Vox isn’t advocating underage drinking or the use of illegal drugs, and most of this information comes from outside sources, not firsthand experience. Drinking Despite what some tour guides reassured your parents, drinking is a sizeable […]

Someone on Yahoo Answers gives Georgetown some great publicity

About a week ago, some high school sophomore and Hoya hopeful took to Yahoo! answers to ask the Internet about his/her chances of getting into Georgetown. The kid asked for high school GPAs and SAT scores, and one of his two respondents gave him a legitimate, thought-out answer. But this commenter doesn’t even go to […]

Charges dropped against Burleith pot-growing couple

At this morning’s preliminary hearing, charges were dropped without prejudice against Howard Arenstein and Orly Katz, the married pair of journalists caught growing marijuana in Burleith. According to Washington City Paper, the charges were dropped without prejudice at this morning’s preliminary hearing because prosecutors could not locate their only witness. The charge—possession with intent to […]