D.C. weed decriminalization or legalization will not change rules on campus

Marijuana decriminalization went into affect this week in D.C., despite Congress’ best attempts to stop it with their usual budgetary tricks. Laxer cannabis use laws in the District, however, will have no bearing on Georgetown’s own rules and… Read More


Marijuana activists gather over 57,000 signatures in favor of legalization

Last January, a Washington Post poll found that 63 percent of D.C. residents were in favor of legalizing marijuana, with only 34 percent opposed. On Monday, the D.C. Cannabis Campaign took one big step towards aligning city law… Read More


House committee attempts to block D.C. weed decriminalization law

Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee voted to amend D.C.’s marijuana decriminalization law and effectively limit the District’s ability to decriminalize the drug. Mayor Vincent Gray signed the bill in March, but, to the chagrin of weed activists throughout the… Read More

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Prefrosh Preview: Illegal drugs at Georgetown

Editor’s note: This post is intended to provide a realistic and helpful picture of the undergraduate, illegal drug culture at Georgetown. The information in this post is generally common knowledge and does not come from Vox‘s personal experience. Vox… Read More


D.C. marijuana decriminalization bill catches fire in congressional hearing

Editor’s note: Now that finals have ended, Vox returns, ready to provide his faithful readers with content all summer. In addition to two posts every day, Vox will feature a Prefrosh Preview every Monday and Friday. Last Friday, the District’s marijuana… Read More

Recently passed bill brings the District one step closer to marijuana decriminalization

On March 4th in a 10 to 1 vote, the D.C. Council approved a bill to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. The original proposal included a $25 fine for the possesion of less than one… Read More


D.C. Council poised to decriminalize maurijuana

The Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety of the D.C. Council voted last Wednesday in favor of a bill that begins the decriminalization of marijuana. If this bill is passed by the entire council in the coming… Read More

District Digest: Not to be blunt about it, but weed is nearly legalized

We be burnin’ Last Wednesday, District mayor Vincent Gray publicly expressed support for a bill in the D.C. Council that would decriminalize possession of small quantities of marijuana. Under the proposed legislation, the consequences for being caught with… Read More

Activists want D.C. to vote on marijuana legalization in 2014

With legal weed now a reality in Colorado and Washington, far away from meddling narcs, marijuana advocates are eyeing legalization for a District in the feds’ backyard. Last Friday, Adam Eidinger, the co-owner of Capital Hemp and leader of DCMJ… Read More

Marijuana decriminalization bill set for introduction to D.C. Council

Vox will soon be able to rest easier knowing that light enjoyment of some greenery won’t be met with a jail sentence. At least, hopefully. Under a bill which D.C. Council members Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) and Marion Barry (D-Ward… Read More