Meet the 11 candidates who are running for District mayor


Politics is dirty business – look no further than today’s congress. D.C. politics, though, is an especially muddy affair. The city has been lovingly nicknamed the “District of Corruption” for a reason. For example, former mayor Marion Barry was caught smoking crack in office in 1990 (long before Rob Ford made it cool). Upon realizing he had […]

Twuesday Tweetacular: A tribute to Marion Barry, Jr.

This week’s tweets have been rather uninspiring. So to punish all you tweeters for your boring content, Vox has instead gathered the following series of tweets from D.C. Council member Marion S. Barry, Jr.: Barry pioneered twaggin, the Twitter technique that no doubt was instrumental  in his nomination for Ward 8 representative. Twag away, good sir. Barry […]

ANC Wrap-up: When Marion Barry does crazy things

This month’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting lacked the kind of heated debate that can often break out on the second floor of the Georgetown Visitation School, but it did feature an appearance from Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans that spiced things up a little. Evans’ appearance gave the crowd on hand an opportunity to ask […]

The District Digest: Bitch set him up

No matter how poorly your 4th of July went, it’s safe to say it was probably better than former “Mayor for Life” and current D.C. Councilmember Marion Barry‘s (D—Ward 8). Saturday evening Barry was arrested by the Park Police and charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend, Donna Watts-Brighthaupt. The stalking charges were dropped on Wednesday, but […]

The District Digest: Red Line tragedy

On Monday at about 5 p.m. two Red Line trains crashed into each other near the Fort Totten station, resulting in the deadliest crash in Metro’s 33 year history.  Nine people died, including Jeanice McMillan, the operator of one of the trains, Ana Fernandez, a mother of six, and Retired Major General David Wherely, Jr. […]

The Daily Show takes on Marion Barry’s anti-gay marriage vote

Last night, Daily Show host Jon Stewart took D.C. Councilmember Marion Barry (D—Ward 8 ) to task for claiming that his decision to cast the sole vote against recognizing same-sex marriages performed in different states was made because he is a “politician who is moral.” To Barry’s credit, it takes a lot of, uh, chutzpah […]

DC Council votes 13-0 12-1 to recognize same-sex marriages

13/13 12/13 D.C. Council members support gay marriage! The D.C. Council’s final vote on recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states (first voted on in early April) went remarkably smoothly, passing 13-0… until Ward 8 Councilmember and former “Mayor-for-life” Marion Barry (D) realized what he was voting on. The confused Councilmember, who had pledged to […]

Where are they now?: UDC’s tuition hike, one week later

Block sweet block Ok, so it’s a little early for nostalgia, but it’s only fair that we keep you posted. In last week’s cover story, Eric Pilch explained the passion and rationale that accompanied the University of the District of Columbia’s Board of Trustee’s decision to raise tuition at D.C.’s only public university. Guess City […]

Marion Barry: still rude, in case you were wondering

Is anyone surprised that former mayor Marion Barry boxed in a car before going to a radio interview? The mayor-for-life has obviously softened in his old age, since thoughtless parking is only the post-lunch nap to his feast of kleptocracy and mismanagement. His constituents in Anacostia continue to love him, though. Anyone interested in Barry’s […]

Barry’s shrunken influence

The Washington City Paper’s Loose Lips column this week published a sweet photo of Washington’s former mayor Marion Barry sporting a trademark brimmed hat in what appears to be his own little patch of Ward 8. Despite Barry’s dapper appearance, the column goes on to note that the seventy-year-old fixture of Washington politics is quickly […]