Just the Tip: Roommate edition

Submit questions using the form at the bottom of the post so Caitríona can respond to your deepest, darkest questions. Dear Caitríona, So I get along with my roommate pretty well for the most part. But the thing… Read More

Campus Crime Watch: May masturbating

View Campus Crime Watch: May 2013 in a larger map There were 22 violent and property crimes in Georgetown this May, according to DPS’s daily crime log. 15 of these were thefts of unattended property around campus, and… Read More

Singles’ Awareness Day: What to do if no one loves you on Valentine’s Day

Sick of watching Ryan Gosling movies by yourself on Valentine’s Day? Probably not. But here a few other things you can do besides watching The Notebook and gorging on chocolate. Eat your feelings: I’m sure you’ve heard that chocolate… Read More