CDC recommends Georgetown-developed HPV vaccine for boys

Boys and young men should be vaccinated against the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, to prevent throat and anal cancers, a federal advisory board for the Center of Disease Control announced early last week. The board recommended the vaccine… Read More

Georgetown recieves $87 million for medical center

Yesterday, Georgetown announced that it received $87 million—the largest gift in University history—from the late Virginia Toulmin. Toulmin, who passed away in June, donated the money to the University’s medical center with instructions that it be used to… Read More

Doctor at Georgetown Medical Center helps pregnant Haitian woman via iPhone

Need to assist someone in labor with a baby that’s about to breach in a crowded tent city in the devastated city of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti? Well, there’s not an app for that, but an iPhone can help. That’s… Read More

Georgetown Medical School educates with the whole person

Cura Personalis Lauran Neergaard of the Associated Press recently shadowed a first-year anatomy class at Georgetown University Medical School. Her article reveals some intriguing details: the first class opens with a non-denomenational prayer and “Georgetown has quit accepting… Read More

Georgetown creating joint biomedical program with George Mason

Georgetown and George Mason University will be starting a joint biomedical program next year, according to the Washington Post. The program—cutely called “George Squared”—will offer a one-year certificate program and a masters program in biomedical sciences. According to… Read More

Georgetown receives $6.75 million to research gastrointestinal cancers

Otto and Jeanne Ruesch, left, with Michael Kaiser The Georgetown Medical Center recently received a $6.75 million gift to do research on colon, pancreatic and other gastrointestinal cancers, according to Blue and Gray. The gift comes from Jeanne… Read More

US News’ grad school rankings put GU Law at 14, MSB at 19, Med Center at 39

14! U.S. News and World Report just released it’s annual rankings of Graduate programs and it looks like Georgetown’s doing pretty well for itself. From the golden child of GU’s grad programs, Georgetown Law, which ranked 14 (same… Read More