More information and photos from tonight’s Midnight Madness shooting

Get the flash player here: Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson just officially confirmed that one shot was fired in a men’s bathroom in McDonough.  No one was injured, but authorities made the decision to hold… Read More

BREAKING: Shot fired in McDonough, crowd detained at Midnight Madness

The approximately 5,000 thousands of students who attended Midnight Madness were detained because shots were fired near in a bathroom in McDonough, according to a Department of Public Safety officer Vox reporter Will Sommer spoke to this evening…. Read More

Midnight Madness 2009 Liveblog

Midnight Madness 2009

Vox will be liveblogging Midnight Madness!

We’ll be sure to include by-the-second analysis of JT III’s dance moves If you can’t make it to tonight’s Midnight Madness and the pump-up video just isn’t an acceptable substitute, Vox has got you covered. The Voice‘s Sports… Read More

This year’s Midnight Madness video is big on awkwardness, not so big on inspiration or excitement

Just in time for tomorrow’s big event, Georgetown Athletics has put a “2009 Midnight Madness” video up on its website, and it’s well worth a watch: Unfortunately, the big take-away from the video isn’t “Wow, I’m so amped… Read More


Hey all, I’ll be down here in Raleigh all weekend covering the Hoyas in the first couple of rounds of the NCAA tournament, so be sure to check the main site for regular updates.  Here’s the first: a… Read More

The Doctrine Holds

To update our previous story, a Midnight Madness visit to Georgetown was enough to prevent all outside intervention: top-ranked recruit Greg “The Doctrine” Monroe has decided to play hoops for the Hoyas next year, according to the Washington… Read More

Midnight Madness: More than just a dance party this year

You thought Midnight Madness was all for show, but the Hoyas will already be playing for keeps next Friday. Top-rated prospect Greg “The Doctrine” Monroe will be in attendance for the annual celebration that marks the first minute… Read More

A Primer for Midnight Madness

As if the expectation weren’t big enough for this year’s men’s basketball team, the hype has already begun for the ’07-’08 season. On Wednesday, Chris Wright, a 6′-1″, 190 pound senior from local St. John’s High School committed… Read More