Monday Madlibs: The MSB Building’s new namesake

Last week we learned that unlike poor Villages A-C, someone (namely Rafik Hariri’s son, Saad), had ponied up $20 million to buy the naming rights to the new MSB building. Having a building named after an assassinated Lebanese prime minister is pretty sweet, but who would you have chosen if it were up to you? […]

Monday Madlibs: The Georgetowner‘s hard-hitting Blonde Charity Mafia exposé

Editor’s Note: Monday Madlibs will now be running once every other week. The premiere of Blonde Charity Mafia, the Georgetown-centric reality show about the Late Night Shots crew, may have been pushed back to the fall, but that didn’t stop the Georgetowner from writing a cover story about it! The result is something of a […]

Monday Madlibs: E-mail Emancipation

Last week, we learned that UIS will finally be making the switch to GMail by the end of the summer. How would you have made the long-awaited announcement? Create a story for “E-mail Emancipation” Adverb Plural Noun Company Verb Verb Adjective Verb Noun Verb Date Plural Noun Verb Adverb Noun Verb Ending in ING Verb […]

Monday Madlibs: Dream up your own interim dean

Earlier this week, Georgetown named Mehran Kamrava interim dean of the School of Foreign Service in Qatar. Not knowing much about SFS-Q or Dr. Kamrava, it seems like a pretty good fit given Kamrava’s impressive publishing record and stint as the director of the Center of International and Regional Studies. But, haven’t you always wished […]

Monday Madlibs: Intern Insanity

Recently, the must-read blog in D.C. has been Spotted: DC Summer Interns. With its catty tales of intern foibles, the blog is a fun place to read bitter Hill staffers bashing the teenagers half a step below them. It’s pretty entertaining as is, but how could we make it even better? Madlib it! Create a […]

Monday Madlibs: Reunion Weekend ridiculousness

What’s sweeter than returning to your alma mater to get drunk with your college friends just like the good old days?  Probably only one thing: writing a Madlib about it! Create a story for “Reunion Weekend Ridiculousness” Plural Noun Verb Ending in ING Number Adjective Plural Noun Adjective Verb Verb Adjective Plural Noun

Monday Madlibs: Catholic colleges in conflict

Last weekend, at Trinity Washington University (a small, Catholic school in Northesast D.C. with an all-women’s undergraduate program), University President Patricia McGuire used her commencement speech to upbraid the anti-abortion zealots who were protesting President Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame. Here’s your chance to add a little extra oomph to her very powerful speech. Create […]

Monday Madlibs: 5 tips for SFS grads

Dust off your inspirational speech-making skills, it’s time for the Commencement address edition of Monday Madlibs! In his speech, Chuck Hagel listed five lessons for SFS kids. They were pretty good, but we’re sure you can make them even better. So go on, give those wily SFSers some advice: Create a story for “5 Tips […]

Monday Madlibs: No swine flu for you!

The Swine Flu scare has settled down a bit now that we know it’s basically as harmful as your run-of-the-mill influenza, but let’s take some time relive those heady days (last Tuesday through Friday) when we thought we were dealing with some end-of-days-style pandemic. Here’s your chance to send out your very own infectious disease […]

Monday Madlibs: Add/Drop Absurdity!

It’s that time of year again: flowers are blooming, the sun’s shining and you’re stressed out about add/drop.  Tomorrow and Wednesday, everyone who got shafted on Pre-Registration will partake in the bi-annual “Pre-registration Completion” ritual, obsessively refreshing the class seating page for that one course they need, hopelessly watching as the waitlist skyrockets as they […]

Monday Madlibs: I’m on a [noun]!

As Sean Quigley reported, T-Pain’s Saturday performance brings GPB’s Spring Concert track record to 0/3. Although T-Pain may have been underwhelming, he does present us with the perfect opportunity to create our own auto-tunetastic lip-synchable grooves. (Fair warning: may contain some foul language) Create a story for “I’m on a stage in McDonough!” noun adjective […]