Monday Munchies: Saucy, saucy mushrooms

This week’s Monday Munchies is another guide to dressing up plain food. I like to top some gnocchi, grilled chicken, and spinach with this sauce, but it goes with pretty much everything. It’s pretty good with steak too. It… Read More

Monday Munchies: Making eggs ‘n toast fancy

So this Monday Munchies recipe will probably be the easiest I’ll post this summer, assuming you know how to crack an egg. This recipe is good for breakfast, lunch, brunch, or even dinner because, let’s face it, the… Read More

Monday Munchies: French toast (and maybe a French toast sandwich)

This recipe can easily be used to impress your friends with a fancy brunch: just add some mimosas and fruit and you’re ready to go! My recipe makes about four servings. Ingredients: 1 loaf of challah bread (a… Read More

Monday Munchies: Black-eyed peas and quinoa

This week’s recipe is probably one of the easiest Monday Munchies will feature. If you can boil water and sufficiently understand what a “pinch of salt” is, you’ll do fine. It takes about 25 minutes total to cook… Read More

Monday Munchies: Chicken fricasé (fricasé de pollo)

This week’s recipe might not be the easiest to do in dorms, unless your common room is awesome and has a pan and a large pot. This post is for those of you who desperately miss Cuban food… Read More

Monday Munchies: Baked oatmeal with bananas and blueberries

Monday Munchies will be a weekly column in which Assistant Editor Isabel Echarte will explore some easy and college-friendly recipes. This week’s recipe is baked oatmeal: a healthy and easy breakfast you’ll be able to prepare for the… Read More