Shira’s Trailer Round-up: Bottom of the Barrel Edition

Major Movie Star “Now, she’s going to prove, she’s more than just a pretty face.” Hey, is that the girl with the beret from High School Musical asking J. Simp to sign her face? Oh, how the mighty… Read More

George Michael, C.J. Craig, and Dwight…for free!

Everyone knows that a study day spent studying is a study day wasted. That’s why on December 11 you should check out Juno at the AMC in Georgetown. As far as I can tell from the trailer, Juno… Read More

They’re not in Cannes anymore…

They’re in D.C. C’est Chic, the district’s second annual French film festival, has returned with a promising line-up and all the staples of quality French cinema—Audrey Tautou, orgies, pretentious fashion, sugar waxing, etc. Here are some highlights: Les… Read More

Hotel Chevalier

Note to Wes-philes, I hope you enjoyed Taylor Hobson’s review of The Darjeeling Limited. It was a fantastic film, as any Wes Anderson fan will hopefully agree. When you go see the movie, Anderson opens the film with… Read More

German Film Festival at E Street

Last Friday, Andreas Dreson’s subtly powerful Summer in Berlin kicked off the 15th annual “New Films Festival” at the E Street Cinema. Presented jointly by the Goethe-Institut and the Austrian and Swiss embassies, this collection of films offers… Read More

Gelardin New Media Center stocks rooster snuff films

The Gelardin New Media Center’s video collection is alternately stultifying (Doing Business in South Korea) or academically questionable (Kingdom of Heaven). Buried in the DVD list, though, there’s a happy compromise: Cockfighters: The Interviews. Cockfighters answers the question,… Read More