Students pose questions to Obama through MTV special on campus

Last Friday, Georgetown University hosted “Ask Obama Live: An MTV Interview with the President.”  Thirty Georgetown students, selected by MTV for their variety of backgrounds, interests, and political views, gathered in Healy Circle amidst the gazes of passersby to watch President Barack Obama address the issues that concern young voters in an interview with MTV’s […]

Georgetown students attend presidential town hall

Last Thursday, Alejandro Gonzalez (SFS ’12) had an opportunity many of us can only dream of: To ask the President of the United States a question on national television. Gonzalez was joined by Geoffrey Bible (SFS ’12), Nicole Tortoriello (COL ’12), and other Georgetown students in the audience for President Barack Obama’s town hall, which was broadcast live […]

MTV peeks inside a Georgetown home

Since Real World: DC ended, you may not be meeting your quota of watching over-privileged kids live extravagantly in the Nation’s Capital. Never fear, though, because MTV’s got another dose of the good stuff: Teen Cribs, Georgetown Edition. Apparently MTV Cribs was so wildly popular that it has been resurrected in the form of Teen […]

The Real World DC Power Rankings: The final episode

Sometimes, something ends and it reminds us all of life’s fleeting, impermanent nature. Last night, America felt its own mortality a little more keenly as we were forced to say good-bye to our seven favorite roommates and watch them all move on to bigger and better things. I don’t like to think about it. Not […]

The Real World D.C. Power Rankings: Week Thirteen

1) Josh (previously #8 ) At many points throughout the season (which will be over next week!), I’ve found myself wondering just what kind of environment could spawn someone as tool-y as Josh. This week, when we witnessed Josh’s cousin’s wedding, it came out that he actually has a pretty nice, loving family, and he’s […]

The Real World DC Power Rankings: Week Twelve

1) Erika (previously #2) The majority of the episode was devoted to Erika’s long, overdramatic, and incredibly irritating struggle over whether or not to stay in the house, but I wouldn’t have given her the top spot if it weren’t for her actual decision: in the end, she left! The housemates were openly happy about […]

The Real World DC Power Rankings: Week Eleven

1) Andrew (previously #1) Yes, I know it’s the third week in a row. But Andrew got a girlfriend! And she’s hot! Sure, she’s a divorcee and former model who’s probably just using him to get on TV, but hey, at least she knows they’re dating. For him, that’s a step up. Plus, this means […]

The Real World DC Power Rankings: Week 10

1) Andrew (previously #1) At the tail end of last episode, a very drunk Andrew was pushed off the house’s railing onto the pavement by a very, very drunk Ty. So given that this week began with him being taken to the emergency room in an ambulance (he got away with just a few bruises), […]

The Real World DC Power Rankings: Week Nine

1) Andrew (previously #7) Sound the alarms, release a cageful of white doves, and cue the Hallelujah Chorus: Andrew got laid! But better yet—Andrew got laid twice! After the first encounter, when he sat in the confessional doing an awkward thumb-shaking dance repeatedly singing “I got some booootay,” America smiled along as they watched their […]

The Real World DC Power Rankings: Week Eight

1) Mike (previously #3) This spot really shouldn’t go to Mike, but rather to Mike’s homosexuality. Between a visit from his family where he talks to them about his work on LGBT issues and a fight with his needy boyfriend from back home over whether their relationship is “open” or not, the only way MTV […]

Real World DC Power Rankings: Week Seven

1) Erika (previously #6) After not having given us too much to talk about in previous episodes, Erika shows her true colors this week, and man, are they annoying. She spends almost the entire episode going at it with Ashley—whining when Ashley won’t leave her alone, crying when Ashley doesn’t want to be her friend […]