National Pinball Museum moving to Baltimore

It’s the end of a very short era in Georgetown’s retro arcade scene—today, the National Pinball Museum closed its doors in the Shops at Georgetown Park. According to CBS Baltimore, founder David Silverman (pictured left) says that he is… Read More

Say goodbye to the National Pinball Museum

It must have been too good to last. Only a year after beginning construction and only five months after opening its doors, the National Pinball Museum is being kicked out by new owners of the Shops at Georgetown… Read More

The Pinball Museum is coming to Georgetown

While battle over the Shops at Georgetown Park heats up, at least there’s some hope for some fun on the horizon. The National Pinball Museum is coming to the Shops, according to the Georgetown Metropolitan. David Silverman, its… Read More

Hard times hit the Newseum

At least it’s shiny. Economic downturn is forcing D.C.’s Newseum to cut its staff of 250 by 10 percent. Call it bad luck, but would-be visitors shouldn’t groan at the threat of shortened exhibit hours. When the Voice’s… Read More

Unabomber, like everyone else, has a beef with the Newseum

An exhibit at the Newseum—the portmanteau, the folly—recently riled Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, who was not impressed by the showcasing of his former Montana cabin, the scene of his final capture by the FBI. Kaczynski, currently imprisoned in federal… Read More

Best Puryears of your life

It’s the middle of July already and your DC routine–9-5 internship, drinking games, and rotgut TV–is getting old. Your body and mind are revolting, and the National Gallery has the perfect thing: an exhibit of Martin Puryear’s minimalist… Read More