MyAccess still thinks the USSR is a state

MyAccess, Georgetown’s website for class registration, appears to be a little nostalgic for the Cold War and Moscow’s former Communist Party-controlled state. In the “Personal Information” section of the registration , students still have the option to declare… Read More

Networking consortium names Georgetown CIO as President and CEO

Say goodbye to the man responsible for Georgetown’s wireless internet problems. Earlier this week, the Sacramento Bee reported that David Lambert, Georgetown’s Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Services, will leave the University to become the… Read More

Poll: How do you like MyAccess?

Last Friday, the Student Access + replacement MyAccess got the Voice‘s webman Alex Pon all hot and bothered. Now that you’ve had a chance to take a look at all that MyAccess has to offer in the way… Read More

Georgetown’s “new” technology: MyAccess sucks access

The fellows at UIS examine a curious series of tubes Let’s face it: Georgetown and technology don’t tend to get along (the Voice‘s printer printer is defunct and its office is computer graveyard, we’re never getting campus-wide WiFi,… Read More