That Sheraton NCAA ad really gives me the creeps

The Cinderella ad featuring JT III may have been tempting fate, but at least it doesn’t make me feel a little uncomfortable. That’s more than this Sheraton ad, specifically the Georgetown/Syracuse section (0:23-0:29), can say. I can’t imagine… Read More

Hoyas look to crush Davidson’s Sweet 16 bid

Fresh off a victory over Gonzaga led by 40 points from sophomore Stephen Curry, the Davidson Wildcats will face Georgetown tomorrow afternoon in Raleigh. Mike Stewart tells you how the Hoyas plan to shut down Curry and more,… Read More

One round in, McCain’s bracket is already toast

Let’s hope, at least for John McCain’s sake, that being able to fill out a halfway-decent bracket isn’t a reliable indicator of presidential ability. According to an article from the Canadian Press, McCain has Kansas, Memphis, UNC and… Read More

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Hoyas have 13th highest graduation rate in NCAA tourney, study says

According to a study released on Monday, Georgetown graduates 82% of its basketball players, clocking in at thirteenth among the 65 teams in the NCAA tournament. The report, released by the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport… Read More