Vox‘s Voting Guide: Alumni Square and Nevils

Here we present the candidates for Alumni Square and Nevils. This district will have two spots for senators. Four students are running. Andrew Markel (SFS ’15) Candidate Markel is running to “make our voices and to make Georgetown… Read More

No AC in East Campus until May, unfortunately

Last night, the Housing office sent residents of East Campus this uplifting message: Dear East Campus Residents, As you settle in after Spring Break, we would like to update you again on the progress of the courtyard construction work in East Campus. A… Read More

ANC Wrap-up: Georgetown has gas problems

As far as ANC 2E meetings go, last night’s was uneventful and short. The few items on the agenda pertained to the placement of gas meters, Nevils construction, and proposed condominiums at the foot of the Exorcist stairs…. Read More

ANC Wrap-up: Unhappy residents

Concessions are not good enough In an unsurprising move, the ANC found the University’s recent concessions to the community insufficient and made no amendment to their recommendations [PDF] passed in their Feb 28th meeting. Commissioner Ron Lewis claimed… Read More

Displaced Nevils seniors will get $200 to move out early

Remember Monday’s announcement that seniors living in Nevils Hall will be kicked out of their apartments during Senior Week? And how people complained about it? Well, those seniors are getting some cash for the trouble. [Disclosure: I’m a… Read More

Stop snitchin’?

On Friday, residents of the Nevils apartment complex received the following strange e-mail from one of the Resident Assistants: Hey Everyone, We have been notified about a pellet gun incident, going off from a Nevils apartment balcony, in… Read More