Healey Family Student Center pub vendor to be chosen by April


If you live on the outskirts of campus, then the ear-splitting sounds of drills and construction on the Healey Family Student Center near New South may have escaped you. Though the student center causing this ruckus plans to open its doors this August, the student pub continues its difficult and winding search for a vendor. […]

GUSA to address noise concerns in New South Student Center construction


On Sunday night, after weeks of scandal, power struggle, and unhappy tension, the GUSA Senate finally decided to pull itself together. In an atmosphere of friendly banter, punctuated by moments of laughter and jokes, it unanimously passed a resolution, among other legislation, to address construction noise affecting residents in New South Hall. This resolution will […]

Three-generation alumnus backs out of managing future New South Student Center pub

Fritz Brogan (COL ’07, LAW ‘10), who the University and GUSA announced in April would manage the pub that is planned for the New South Student Center opening in fall 2014, has withdrawn from this agreement, citing an inability to reach a financial agreement with the University. “The University and my company were unable to […]

Student forum discusses future campus pub with manager

Last Wednesday, a student forum for the Healey Family Student Pub was held. Fourteen students and Fritz Brogan (COL ’07), owner of Mason Inn and future HFSP manager, were in attendance. The pub is projected for completion in August 2014. Brogan, a 2007 Georgetown graduate, expressed excitement for collaborating on a pub “by students for […]

Prefrosh Preview: Building developments

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer For better or worse, the members of the Class of 2017 will not have any new living spaces to occupy at the start of next year. The four freshmen dorms will house virtually all of Georgetown’s freshmen for the foreseeable future. But although freshman housing will not be affected, […]

Plans for New South Student Center presented to students

University officials and Joe Tattoni of the ikon.5 architecture firm presented updates on the plans for the New South Student Center on Monday. The facility aspires for a clean aesthetic with a modern look. The project emphasizes eco-friendly initiatives with skylights, green indoor walls, and solar screens on the south windows to reflect heat. The shrubbery on the slope […]

Agreement reached on New South Student Center pub

GUSA leaders came to an agreement with the administration Thursday regarding the planned pub in the New South Student Center. GUSA President Clara Gustafson and Vice President Vail Kohnert-Yount signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Dr. Todd Olson, vice president for student affairs, to ensure the pub will serve students’ interests (e.g. that it won’t turn […]

Blueprint of final New South Student Center presented at forum

New South Student Center to include Corp Smoothie Café. Yummmmmm. Last night in Bulldog Alley, the final New South Student Center Forum revealed the newest version of the renovations planned for the New South Student Center, and gave students the opportunity to raise concerns on the construction and blueprint of the new facility. Last night’s […]

GUSA, administrators meet to discuss student space, officially lay Healy Pub to rest

On Monday, November 7, members of the Georgetown University Student Association met with University President Jack DeGioia, Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson, and other University administrators to discuss issues of student space on campus. During this meeting, the administrators officially reported that the plan for Healy Pub, after taking a few hits hits […]

Revamped New South Student Center drawings

Vox obtained a copy of the powerpoint from Monday night’s space forum, complete with the latest drawings of the New South Student Center. Here’s our analysis of the notable changes from the last renderings. It does not resemble an airport Removal of the “shared workspace” and “internet lounge” The walkway above the multipurpose room should […]

New South Student Center forum unveils more concrete plans for the space

On the evening of Monday, October 3rd, a forum about the New South Student Center took place in the Leavey Programming Room. The forum, which primarily featured a presentation by SmithGroup architect Bill Ash, focused on the “feasibility study” of the NSSC, rather than specific design and details, which remain works-in-progress. Ash noted that the […]