GUSA Round-up: The Senate passes funding reform, strips advisory boards of votes

If we learned anything about the GUSA Senate this Monday night it’s that they have a USPS-like devotion to braving the elements.  As the rest of the school buckled down for our second-consecutive snow day, the Senate reaffirmed… Read More

A recap of last night’s GUSA Town Hall on funding reform

Given the kind of concerned, accusatory letters some advisory board leaders sent in the last week, the town hall that the Georgetown University Student Association hosted last night to shed additional light on its proposed funding reforms was… Read More

The SAC Chair and CSJ e-mails about GUSA’s six suggested reforms, and the FinAp Committee’s response to SAC

On Thursday, Vox published a letter that Student Activities Commission Chair Ethel Amponsah (NHS ’11) had sent to student club leaders challenging the various funding reforms the Georgetown University Student Association is working to enact. In her e-mail,… Read More

Funding Board approves GUSA Fund, but advisory boards fight to keep their votes

These little piggies want to keep their votes When the Funding Board reconvened yesterday after the board’s contentious meeting two weeks ago, it approved the GUSA Fund once GUSA agreed to amend its request of $30,000 and instead… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Unfounded, incendiary, and flat-out irresponsible

GUSA’s intended punishment for the Voice Senator Nick Troiano (COL ’11) shot back at the critics of GUSA’s funding board reform at yesterday’s meeting, delivering an eight-minute rebuttal to a recent Voice editorial, which advocated against the reform…. Read More

Funding board leaders roundly reject GUSA Fund

The planned GUSA Fund would make it rain Leaders from all six advisory boards voted against creating the GUSA Fund at a Funding Board meeting today, but the Finance and Appropriations Committee will still be able to pass… Read More

GUSA Senate approves long-anticipated GUSA Fund, giving clubs a way to circumnavigate SAC

After years of clashing with SAC and bandying about the possibility of GUSA-sponsored club funding, the GUSA Senate passed a bill yesterday afternoon creating a GUSA Fund which will allow GUSA to provide an alternative mode of funding… Read More

GUSA Roundup: The Eleven election meeting

Go ahead and give your GUSA Senator one—or eleven—of these! Three hours and forty-five minutes. That’s where the second meeting of the full GUSA Senate clocked in. But the 21 Senators got the most out of their time,… Read More

Vox‘s Guide to Making Informed GUSA Choices pt. 1

With the polls currently open, it’s time to decide who’ll be representing the student body in GUSA this year.  Of course, the vigilant voter always wants to make an informed decision, but it can be tough to know… Read More

The Washington Times talks to Nick Troiano (COL ’11) about the plight of the college student

This weekend the Washington Times ran a lengthy feature about the myriad of problems college students are facing in the rough economy (hey, I wonder why no one else has thought of running that…). The article is pretty… Read More