Don’t let it go to your head, Obama: GUSA gave Barack its blessing

A solemn affair Boy am I sorry I missed this yesterday! As the rest of the campus was champing at the bit to watch Barack Obama speak at Gaston Hall,  GUSA Speaker Reggie Greer (COL `09) and everyone’s… Read More

Hitting the G-SPAN: Nick Troiano liveblogs on openGUSA

Next up GUSA Senator Nick Troiano (Village A, F-H), he of the storied SAC sit-in, cemented his place in Vox’s heart (we have one, blackened and withered as it may be…) last night with the launch of his… Read More

GUSA and the Meeting of Mayhem

SAC certainly set the bar high for angry late-night meeting antics on Monday, but GUSA proved that chaos and outrage aren’t exclusive to SAC at a three-ring circus of a meeting Wednesday night. In between talk about SafeRides… Read More

“I don’t give a damn!”: GUSA senator stages sit-in at SAC constitution meeting

As The Hoya reports, SAC passed an amendment to its constitution last night that officially gave its chairs a power that current SAC chair Sophia Behnia (COL `09) says they have had for years: the ability to independently… Read More