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The world’s smallest dorm: What is that little bit of wall across from Reiss doing?

Out of the myriad of construction projects going on by every major walk through campus, easily the most perplexing is the tiny piece of wall that sits across the pathway on the East side of Reiss, near where… Read More

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Details revealed about Northeast Triangle Dorm rooms and living spaces

Representatives from the University and Sasaki Associates architectural firm held a presentation Wednesday night with updates on the Northeast Triangle Dorm design (again). The presentation showed fine-tuned room designs and offered more insight into how visitors and residents… Read More

Northeast Triangle Dorm moves through another bureaucratic roadblock, more to go before approval

The Old Georgetown Board met Thursday and brought plans for the Northeast Triangle Dorm closer to approval by supporting the height, massing, and siting of the new residence hall. On November 25 the D.C. Zoning Commission withheld approval of… Read More

Zoning Commission will wait on response from Old Georgetown Board before approving residence plans

The D.C. Zoning Commission met Monday night to review proposals for the construction of the Northeast Triangle Dorm and conversion of Ryan and Mulledy Halls into residential spaces. Although all commissioners expressed profuse support, they decided to withhold approval… Read More

Bureaucracy Inaction: Old Georgetown Board doesn’t really do anything about the new dorm

Before we all ended up on a rapid downward spiral, drunk on the sight of tentative sketches, thankfully, the Old Georgetown Board made the non-decision we all needed to be yanked back to reality. The architects have repeatedly… Read More

Old Georgetown Board has problems with another new business’ design

Serendipity3, the New York-based restaurant that purchased the old Nathan’s building, is scheduled to open in a few weeks. But, September’s Old Georgetown Board meeting may have thrown a wrench into those plans. While the Advisory Neighborhood Commission… Read More

Georgetown Apple Store to open in June?

Good news for all those iPhone, iPad, and iPod owners at Georgetown—we’re going to have an Apple Store of our own soon. Georgetown Metropolitan reported yesterday that the Apple Store on the 1200 block of Wisconsin Ave. will… Read More

Georgetown announces community meeting for final draft of 2010 Campus Plan

Well, it wasn’t the late January or early February date they had hoped for. But the 2010 Campus Plan steering committee has announced the last community meeting it will hold regarding the 2010 Campus Plan before it files… Read More

Ristorante Piccolo to reopen in 2010

Ristorante Piccolo after the October 2008 fire The cozy date night favorite of yesteryear Ristorante Piccolo, which a two-alarm fire virtually destroyed last fall, is set to reopen in 2010 according to We Love DC. “[A]ccording to a recently… Read More

Old Georgetown Board approves Georgetown Apple

Hooray! After sending Apple back to the drawing board four, yes four times, rejected plans for a Wisconsin Avenue Apple store in hand, the Old Georgetown Board has finally approved their designs! And it sounds like the news… Read More