On the Record with President DeGioia: The Full Interview


Connor Jones, the Voice’s editor-in-chief, sat down with University President John J. DeGioia on Tuesday to the most pressing issues on the Hilltop of late. This week’s print edition contained the interview’s highlights. Jones’ full interview with DeGioia, which includes discussion on socioeconomic diversity, free speech, and Jesuit ideals, follows. CJ: In real terms, the total cost of attendance […]

On the Record: Missy Foy, director of Georgetown Scholarship Program

Missy Foy (COL ’03), pictured at left, is the director of the Georgetown Scholarship Program. Founded in 2004, the GSP is a scholarship program designed not only to provide students with financial aid, but also to mentor and guide them through their time at Georgetown. Vox got the opportunity to sit down with Foy and […]

On the hitRECord: Don Jon director Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It’s 11:45 a.m. at Georgetown’s Ritz Carlton and Vox has just been hurriedly ushered into a suite wherein lies Joseph Gordon-Levitt, alone in a small room apart from his stone-faced entourage. The writer, director, and star of upcoming release Don Jon, as well as the founder of collaborative online production company hitRECord, is sitting cross-legged in an armchair, a truck […]

On the Record: Brandon Anderson, student loans advocate

Vox got the opportunity to interview Brandon Anderson (COL ’14), a student veteran who is now fighting the doubling of Stafford student loan rates. As Congress has not acted on the issue, the loan rates are set to double effective tomorrow. For several years, Stafford loans have been subsidized in order to help keep the rates low, […]

On the Record: The Bling Ring’s Israel Broussard

Vox caught up with actor Israel Broussard for a Q&A last Thursday at the tail end of a nationwide press tour for Sophia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, which opens in theatres June 21st. You can read Vox’s review here. Broussard, who plays the male lead, grew up far away from all the glitz and glamour […]

On the Record: Miss D.C. Winner Bindhu Pamarthi (L ’15)

On June 9, Bindhu Pamarthi (L ’15) was crowned Miss District of Columbia, having competed in beauty pageants since she was 12. Vox was fortunate enough to have her answer some questions on her pageant experience through the years, though we didn’t touch on what gender income disparity says about society. Go here to watch K Street […]

On the Record with Charles Wright, famous American poet from Tennessee

Vox sat down with Pulitzer Prize winning poet Charles Wright, considered one of the greatest American poets of his time. Wright will be speaking at Georgetown on Tuesday, Mar. 26 at 8 p.m. in Copley Formal Lounge. I’ve read a lot about that “magical day” in Italy when you first discovered [Ezra] Pound, as well […]

On the record with Rotimi Babatunde, Nigerian author and winner of the Caine Prize

This Tuesday, Feb. 12, in Copley Formal Lounge, the Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice will host Rotimi Babatunde, winner of the 2012 Caine Prize for African Writing. The prize, worth £10,000, was awarded to Babatunde for his short story “Bombay’s Republic.” Vox caught up with Babatunde earlier this week. You won the Caine Prize […]

On the record with GU professor Dinaw Mengestu, recipient of MacArthur “genius” grant

Though there may be plenty of uncertified prodigies roaming Georgetown’s halls, it’s rare that an alumnus actually gets recognized as a verified Genius. Dinaw Mengestu (C ’00), Georgetown’s Lannan Chair of Poetics, was announced on Monday as one of 23 recipients of a $500,000 “genius grant” of from the MacArthur Foundation.  What was your first reaction […]

Alum to join Gaza aid mission

On Saturday, around 1000 activists from over 20 countries set sail for Gaza to try once again to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza and deliver humanitarian supplies. The move is a repeat of last year’s failed aid mission in which nine pro-Palestinian activists were left dead in Israeli military raids. One of the members […]

On the Record: Lavender Graduation speaker Kara Swisher (SFS ’84)

This April for the second year in a row, the Georgetown University LGBTQ Center will hold Lavender Graduation, a ceremony for LGBTQ students and this year, for LGBT alumni. This year’s commencement speaker is Kara Swisher (SFS ’84), a writer and the co-executive editor for the Dow Jones blog All Things Digital. Vox caught up […]