Student groups send another open letter to SAC

A number of student groups and student leaders sent another open letter to the Student Activities Commission regarding the funding guideline process for clubs. The letter—sent shortly before the Georgetown University Student Association FinApp Summit where SAC’s budget… Read More

Student groups and leaders call on SAC to have club input

In an open letter sent Friday afternoon to members of the Student Activities Commission, a number of student clubs and student leaders called on SAC to allow clubs to provide “constructive criticism” about the club funding guidelines. The… Read More

Banners stolen from North Kehoe Field, soccer coaches “disappointed”

Recently, in an effort to make North Kehoe a better environment for athletic competitions, the field was decorated with new banners. However, just two weeks after the banners were put up, three of them have been stolen. Brian… Read More

My open letter to Facebook

To: From: Mike Stewart Subject: DisgraceBook To Whom It May Concern: I’m sure you have received many e-mails this morning. I’m also sure you were prepared for that—people naturally resist change, after all, and even during the… Read More