The Burleith Bell rallies our neighbors to the north against the 2010 Campus Plan: Part I

In the fight surrounding Georgetown University’s slowly but surely developing 2010 Campus Plan, there’s been nothing quiet about the Western front. By which I mean, the residents of West Georgetown have made it absolutely clear—through an open letter… Read More

Thomas Reese of Georgetown defends the Pope’s response to abuse scandal

As news outlets, led by the New York Times, offer more and more evidence that Pope Benedict XVI did not take allegations of abuse by Catholic priests seriously enough, papal defenders are beginning to mount their rebuttal. On… Read More

Mail Call: guns, Joe Hoya and Asian money

What do gun nuts, Cambodia fanatics and Fritz Brogan’s enemies all have in common? They’re Voice readers, of course. Last week our gun editorial brought in all the expected protest letters from Second Amendment supporters across the country…. Read More

Seriously, I’ve got enough liberal guilt as it is

If you’ve walked through Red Square or the Leavey Center lobby lately, you’ve probably noticed the SSTOP (Students Stopping Trafficking of People) banners that boldly proclaim “Buy brownies, not people.” Now, I’m obviously not advocating human trafficking, but… Read More