Comments of the Week: Eat the burger, meet the Vox commenter

Last week, Vox got busy with PETA, went crazy with excitement over yet another forum on the Northeast Triangle Dorm, and learned just what the hell’s going on with the endless fire alarms in the Southwest Quad. Most of… Read More

PETA cages on Healy lawn, no naked women in sight

In another edition of “What’s on the lawn this week?”, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has brought its newest campaign to East Coast college campuses, pitching their tent—literally—on our front yard. PETA’s youth division, peta2, installed an… Read More

District Digest: Naked women in Farragut Square and a new CFO

PETA sends Naked Women to Farragut Square in…protest? PETA, the animal-rights organization, is causing trouble in the Capital once again. To protest animal cruelty-free clothing, PETA has turned to their tried and true method of releasing half-naked women into public… Read More

PETA praises Georgetown’s vegetarian options

Georgetown got a middling rating on environmental sustainability, but at least we’re doing one thing right: cafeteria food? PETA has added Georgetown to its list of the most vegetarian friendly colleges. The school’s also been entered in the… Read More