Dishing out tasty sandwiches, The Crave takes us back to the ’70s

Nestled on Potomac Street in what used to be GoFresh and Philly P, The Crave has recently opened as Georgetown’s newest sandwich shop. The small eatery prides itself on its corn beef sandwiches, lobster rolls, and gourmet grilled cheeses. First off, be warned that visiting The Crave will be an experience much different than your […]

Gofresh, you’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’

If you haven’t heard, the former Philly Pizza & Grill reopened about a month ago as Gofresh, “Where healthy meals meets delicious taste.” Yesterday, Vox decided to go see what the new restaurant was like. I am sorry I did. From the sidewalk, one can still read “Philly Pizza & Grill” under the black paint covering […]

Philly Pizza to rename itself Go Fresh, stop selling pizza

We’ve got bad news if you expected to taste ranch-drenched Philly Pizza anytime soon. Hell, we’ve got bad news if you expected Philly Pizza to reopen. According to a final consent order issued by the D.C. Department of Regulatory and Consumer Affairs, the restaurant will reopen as Go Fresh, a prepared food shop that bares […]