GUSA Roundup: Standing up for your right to sit down

Yesterday’s weekly meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association was short and sweet. One topic of discussion was the approval of the GUSA Fund’s allocation package, including a few requests by the Philodemic society. Every semester, Philodemic doesn’t… Read More

This Week In The Voice: You debatin’ at me?

This week in Features, Matthew Decker takes a look at the Philodemic Society “Founded in 1830, with the motto ‘in pursuit of eloquence in defense of liberty,’ the Philodemic Society is Georgetown’s oldest and longest-running student organization and… Read More

Georgetown Philodemic Society parodies itself

The Philodemic Society has come in for knocks in the past, but they’re a mostly good bunch. Their McCain-Obama debate sounds lively, for example. But at the bottom of the presidential debate post, Philodemic lives up to exactly… Read More

Philodemic Society’s sexual frustration finds an outlet

Imagine my delight at discovering that the Philodemic Society, Georgetown’s debating club, has its own blog. A skim of their constitution confirms that they’re basically Toastmasters with high self-regard–one of their officers is called the Amaneusis–but the real… Read More