Georgetown is the 10th-most hipster campus in the country

The secret’s out! College Magazine, the glossy mag that is most easily found just inside Leo J. O’Donovan Dining Hall, has ranked the nation’s “10 Most Hipster Campuses” and, lo and behold, Georgetown is #10! Behind such hipster paradises as UCLA, Yale and Carnegie Mellon, in addition to the obvious choices of NYU and Berkeley, Georgetown […]

Georgetown philosophy class amuses joke bloggers

In our rankings obsessed college culture, every website has their own list and ranking method. The bloggers at ranked the 30 Dumbest Universities in America, and yes, we made the cut. Their method? Take one event that can be seen as funny or dumb, add factually questionable snarky analysis, and you’re on the list […]

Village A among top party dorms, Darnall one of the worst, a new website that allows students to review their dorms, recently published its first ever Dormy Awards. The Village A apartment complex took sixth place in the best party dorm category, while first place went to the Briscoe-Shoemaker dorm at the University of Indiana-Bloomington. Although top “honors” went to Garner Hall at the University […]