Have your say on the Ten Year Plan, town-gown relations and same-sex marriage, all in one week!

Does this look like something you could talk about for 6+ hours? Totally! For those of you still in D.C., there are a few upcoming community meetings you should know about. Hot topics include the University’s 2010 Campus… Read More

Professor David Heyman nominated to Department of Homeland Security post

President Obama plans to nominate David Heyman, an adjunct professor in security studies at the School of Foreign Service, as the Assistant Secretary of Policy for the Department of Homeland Security. Here’s what Security Debrief, a blog about… Read More

Georgetown prof possible pick for Israeli Ambassador to the US

Ambassador Oren? Georgetown professor and former Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson Michael Oren is a frontrunner to fill the post of Israeli Ambassador to the US, according to the Jerusalem Post. A close associate [of Oren’s] told The Jerusalem… Read More

WaPo profiles Georgetown student in danger of deportation

On Sunday, the Washington Post published a riveting and sobering freelance piece by Phuong Ly about Jaun Gomez, an extremely bright 19-year-old finance major who may face deportation to Colombia—where he hasn’t lived since age 2—before he can… Read More

Georgetown Grad Pat Quinn becomes Illinois’ Governor

Eager beaver Last night, the Illinois State Senate closed their impeachment proceedings against Governor Rod Blagojevich by giving him the boot. As mandated by Illinois’ constitution, Georgetown Graduate Lt. Governor Pat Quinn (SFS `71) immediately succeeded him and… Read More

What R U up 2? Not a job in the Obama cabinet, that’s for damn sure

Before he hated Facebook Commentators are saying that the 63-question application for a high-ranking position in Barack Obama’s presidential administration in the most comprehensive, and possibly most invasive, federal job application ever (emphasis added): #13 If you have… Read More

Todd Palin: Wingman

Obama winning was nice, and a good excuse to run to the White House. But as local blogger The DC Universe points out, Washington had a lot to gain from a Palin vice-presidency: Todd Palin is going to… Read More

Glenn Nye: hostage negotiator, alum, congressman!

It’s no surprise when Georgetown alumni are elected to Congress, but the story of Glenn Nye (SFS ’96) is worth hearing. The thirty-three year old Nye was victorious in Virginia’s second Congressional district last night, narrowly defeating GOP… Read More

Plucky 12 year-old Hoya runs for state representative, gets knocked around

Just kidding, Nate Willems isn’t actually 12–he just looks it. This cool cat from the SFS class of 2001 is running as a Democrat for a seat in Iowa’s House of Representatives, and his platform–better schools and healthcare–should… Read More

Georgetown braces for more anti-IMF protests

Hello again Last year, Georgetown neighborhood quaked as anti-IMF and World Bank protesters calling themselves the October Rebellion rolled down M Street and caused a ruckus. A young woman was hit in the face with a brick, but… Read More