Site News: Vox is off for spring break, so take our poll

The semester sits at about its midway point and Georgetown students leave campus facing the sequestration and having elected a new GUSA president. While all the news may not be good, Georgetown has a lot to be thankful for. Vox is going on a hiatus for the next week, but we’ll be on top of […]

Poll: Are you having trouble connecting to SaxaNet?

Today, University Information Services officially removed the HOYAS wireless network. Voxy Gurl can’t help but notice; SaxaNet still fails her. Are you experiencing the same problem? Did HOYAS ever work for you in the first place? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Who grows your bananas? Take Vox‘s food ethics poll!

With the Farmers Market season coming to an end, Vox wants to know how important it is to you to buy locally-grown, organic food. “I think it is important to buy organic food, when and if it is possible, because that investment represents a commitment to real food,” says Alexia Cotcamp (MSB ’15), Executive Market […]

POLL: Are you voting today?

Poll: School’s out! What are your Frankenstorm plans?

According to several students, the Grab ‘n’ Go options at Leo’s are not up to speed right now. Considering the limited options we have, what do you plan to do with all this free time?

GOCards now linked to PNC Bank to function as debit card

Yesterday, the GOCard office announced a new partnership with PNC Bank, allowing students to link their PNC bank accounts with their GoCards. This change will turn GoCards into PIN-based debit cards. Students will now be able to use their GOCards to make transactions off campus, in grocery stores and other locations, according to the press […]

Poll: Did the GOP Convention speeches sway your vote?

The Republican National Convention came to an end a few days ago and the Democrats are already in full swing. From New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to Mitt Romney’s wife Ann, the past week’s RNC speeches talked of love, respect, and even┬ádeath.┬áVox wants to know: What did you think of the speeches? Did you plan […]

Poll(s): How will the Affordable Care Act affect you?

Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, a healthcare law requiring most Americans to pay a penalty if they fail to purchase insurance, in a historic moment for President Barack Obama’s legislative efforts. The vote was 5 to 4 with traditionally conservative Chief Justice G. John Roberts Jr. supporting four other liberal-leaning justices. […]

Poll: Baby you can’t drive your car

In the campus plan agreement, a clause devoted to parking indicates that undergraduate students “shall be prohibited from bringing cars to campus or parking their cars on the street in Georgetown, Burleith, and Foxhall.” And that’s not all, violations will be a part of the Code of Conduct and there will be “very limited exceptions” […]

Poll: What sucked the most in the Campus Plan agreement?

Earlier this week we ran a pretty lame but kind of funny contest asking you all what you would rename the Career Center. After receiving some minimal responses (come on guys, let’s see some creativity), we’ve decided to scrap the vote and, by default, give the award to Carly for “The ‘Here’s my CV, So […]

Poll: Should D.C. ban super-sized, sugary drinks, too?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City recently announced a plan to ban large, sugary sodas and drinks in restaurants, movie theaters, and streetcarts in the city. This action is part of an effort to decrease obesity. The ban applies to drinks over 16 fluid ounces (most Coca Cola bottles are around 20 fluid ounces). […]