Poll: Baby you can’t drive your car

In the campus plan agreement, a clause devoted to parking indicates that undergraduate students “shall be prohibited from bringing cars to campus or parking their cars on the street in Georgetown, Burleith, and Foxhall.” And that’s not all,… Read More

Poll: What sucked the most in the Campus Plan agreement?

Earlier this week we ran a pretty lame but kind of funny contest asking you all what you would rename the Career Center. After receiving some minimal responses (come on guys, let’s see some creativity), we’ve decided to… Read More

Poll: Should D.C. ban super-sized, sugary drinks, too?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City recently announced a plan to ban large, sugary sodas and drinks in restaurants, movie theaters, and streetcarts in the city. This action is part of an effort to decrease obesity. The… Read More

Poll: How do you feel about the commencement speakers?

Gustafson 1st, Tisa 2nd, “Undecided/Chicken Madness” not last in Vox straw poll

With 643 votes tallied, the winner of the Vox straw poll of next week’s GUSA Executive election is the Gustafson-Kohnert-Yount ticket, which received over 22.5 percent of the vote. The Tisa-Walsh campaign came in a relatively close second, garnering… Read More

Vote in our GUSA Executive election straw poll!

Next Thursday, Hoyas will go to the polls (electronically) to decided between seven tickets that are running for the GUSA Executive. For the last few days, Red Square and social media has been bombarded with campaign ads and… Read More

Vox polls: How do you feel about the capital campaign?

The past week has brought some pretty significant changes to the decor around campus. In conjunction with the launch of the aggressive fundraising stage of the capital campaign—which aims at raising the staggering sum of $1.5 billion—all of… Read More

Are you excited by this year’s commencement speakers?

Now that the commencement speakers have been announced, we thought we’d give readers the opportunity to weigh in on their enthusiasm (or lack thereof) for this year’s ceremonies. How do you feel about the speakers this year? Vote… Read More

What’s your opinion of the GPB Spring Concert?

Our post announcing the Georgetown Program Board Spring Concert line up has received a fair number of comments, so we’ve decided to conduct a little poll about the April 9th concert. What is your plan for the GPB Spring… Read More

GUSA straw poll results: Students love Feiman-Sims

The results are in — Jed Feiman (COL ’12) and Henry Sims (COL ’12) won our GUSA election straw poll with a shade more than 33 percent of the vote. Trailing a bit less than 10 points back… Read More