Prefrosh Preview: Building developments

Get the flash player here: For better or worse, the members of the Class of 2017 will not have any new living spaces to occupy at the start of next year. The four freshmen dorms will house virtually all of Georgetown’s freshmen for the foreseeable future. But although freshman housing will not be affected, […]

Prefrosh Preview: Crime at Georgetown

Vox is happy to report that, in general, Georgetown feels like a very safe place, and the stats back this up. A Daily Beast ranking of the most dangerous college campuses from 2010 listed Georgetown 316 out of the 458 largest colleges in America. A typical year at Georgetown is free from run-ins with criminals […]

Prefrosh Preview: Submit your questions to Vox‘s advice columnist

Howdy, Freshmen. Although Vox has already put together a fair set of prefosh previews for you all, with many more on the way, we know our fair blog won’t ever be able to answer all of your questions. Perhaps you want to know where you can find the hottest country music club. Maybe you’re worried […]

Prefrosh Preview: Running in the District

All you young bloods will quickly notice that the Georgetown area has a ridiculous amount of runners. As soon as you realize that D.C. is the town of the A types, this won’t seem so odd to you. With breathtaking sites and inexhaustible peer pressure in the form of omnipresent spandex bouncing past, D.C. is […]

Prefrosh Preview: Sexy and I know it—Vox‘s guide to staying fit in college

Let’s face it. In addition to the stress of moving away from home, starting tough and demanding classes, and desperately attempting to have some sort of a social life, the last thing you want is the notorious “freshman 15.” Because Vox is so very thoughtful, we have put together a few tips for staying healthy […]

Prefrosh Preview: Sex, hookups, and contraception

From what Vox has gathered about college hookup culture in general, Georgetown is pretty average when it comes to sex. According to the Voice‘s super-scientific survey, 72 percent of Georgetown students are sexually active. 52 percent of students said that Georgetown’s student culture encourages sex, but a large portion, 33 percent, neither agreed nor disagreed. […]

Prefrosh Preview: Weed, molly, coke—pick your favorite

Georgetown doesn’t have a huge drug scene, but many students smoke pot recreationally. Students often find it difficult to find dealers, though, and it’s even harder to find good places to smoke. Most students end up smoking in their dorm rooms or apartments, which is generally fine, though every once in a while people do […]

Prefrosh Preview: Alcohol, house parties, and you

These series of previews is intended to provide a realistic picture of undergraduate drinking and drug culture at Georgetown University. Most of the information here is common knowledge and does not come from personal experience. Vox doesn’t endorse breaking any laws. While some stodgy old Georgetown neighbors may rank the University among the top party […]

Prefrosh Preview: The four freshmen dorms

Your freshman experience at Georgetown depends heavily on which of the four freshman dorms you find yourself in, and, along with your school within the University, which dorm you’re living in will dominate much of the banal conversations you’ll have during NSO. The freshmen dorms are where you’ll likely make your first friends and first start […]

Prefrosh Preview: CHARMS and roommate selection

Along with doing laundry more than once a year and eating things other than Pop-tarts, one of the greatest challenges in going to college is living with people you don’t know. Your freshman floor will be a curious amalgam of different cultures, students hailing all the way from the northern part of New Jersey to […]

Prefrosh Preview: Welcome to Georgetown, and a brief history

Dear class of 2017, Welcome to your first post on Vox Populi, the blog for on-campus newsmagazine the Georgetown Voice. We will continue to delight and inform you over the next four years and beyond. You’ve made it through years of hellish workloads, early mornings, late nights that have turned into early mornings, sports practices and Model United Nations, […]