Christopher Columbus was Catalan-speaking Jew, Georgetown professor claims

You learn a fair amount about Christopher Columbus and how he sailed the ocean blue in 1492 in elementary school, but now one Georgetown professor has a new theory about everyone’s favorite destroyer of indigenous populations: he was… Read More

Desperately Seeking Syllabus: More than 60 percent of Fall 2009 classes have no syllabi online

A common gripe around pre-registration time and add/drop period is the scarcity of syllabi for Georgetown classes. Anecdotally, we all know the syllabus situation is pretty dire, but just how bad is it? Well, Vox took a look… Read More

Alleged Georgetown professor will “kiss you with the ardor of a libidinous teenager .”

A few days ago we discovered that Jack DeGioia’s resorted to using Craigslist to search for a suitable assistant. Now it looks like one of his colleagues is also using the site, albeit for less wholesome (but much… Read More

Georgetown professor finds Holy Grail, only it’s not a grail

Georgetown’s G. Donald Murphy, SJ, says he’s found the Holy Grail in the German city of Bamberg. Indiana Jones would have you believe the grail’s a cup, but Murphy says it’s actually an altar stone.

The Hottest Professor, full stop.

No Hottest Professor list would be complete without Ivo Jansen’s name right at the top. The Dutchman came to the U.S. for his MBA and, lucky for us, decided to stay. He is tall, slim, and blonde with… Read More

Georgetown’s Hottest Professors

The Voice is pleased to announce an open call for nominations from its readers for the hottest professors you’ve spent hours batting your eyes at in countless dreary seminar rooms and lecture halls. They might be an Eros… Read More