Provost announces liberal leave on Monday for Georgetown University

In an e-mail that he has just sent to the student body, Provost James O’Donnell has announced¬† that classes will be held on a liberal leave schedule President’s Day, Monday, February 15. The University will make every effort… Read More

Georgetown CNDLS creates website to help professors keep in touch with students in these snowy times

Georgetown Provost Jim O’Donnell is ever diligent in his (rather unpopular) efforts to keep Georgetown despite the record snowfalls that have forced campus to close for three days in a row. In an e-mail he just sent to… Read More

Despite the snow, Georgetown professor holds class via real-time blog

Maybe none of you liked Provost Jim O’Donnell’s suggestion that Georgetown professors find creative ways to hold class on a snow day, but Communications, Culture and Technology Professor Diana Owen did. When she read O’Donnell’s e-mail encouraging professors… Read More

Georgetown University will be closed tomorrow, February 9!

The University has just announced that it will be closed Tuesday, February 9. From Georgetown University is closed today, and will remain closed on Tuesday, February 9, 2010. Classes are canceled for the Main Campus, the Medical… Read More

Provost blasts Heckler, updates on diversity groups, in new e-mail

Provost James O’Donnell sent an e-mail to students tonight that criticized December’s Heckler controversy and updated students on the University’s three diversity initiatives. O’Donnell said the Heckler‘s latest issue was another failure of the University’s culture: We continue… Read More

Draft of Diversity Working Group’s admissions and recruitment suggestions unveiled

The working group hopes to include diversity discussion in NSO In a campuswide e-mail yesterday evening, the Office of the Provost announced that the Admissions and Recruitment Working Group has put together a draft proposal for changes to… Read More

The Provost’s not-so-subtle attempts at making this an alcohol-free Georgetown Day

Georgetown Day 2009, brought to you by the Temperance Movement The typical understanding of Georgetown Day is that it goes along with sobriety in the same way oil goes along with water, peace goes along with the Middle… Read More

The Man damned, Georgetown Day saved!

Looks like the power of the internet can, in fact, be used for good.¬† Witness the email soon to be sent out to undergraduates from the Provost: Dear Fellow Hoyas, I’m happy to announce that the Main Campus… Read More

Rumors hint Georgetown Day is rescheduled or cancelled

Give us, us Georgetown Day! The Provost’s Office is trying to reschedule Georgetown Day. I say “trying” because students have erupted over the past 24 hours in an online display of unmitigated fury. According to Bridget Geraghty (COL… Read More

Feith of my fathers: Doug Feith blasts Georgetown, provost on talk radio

Listening to conservative talk radio came in handy today when I found newly-former Georgetown professor Doug Feith on the Dennis Prager Show. Apparently, Feith isn’t too happy that his contract wasn’t renewed, and he doesn’t care who knows… Read More