Remix Your Weekend: Squash pumpkins

Demolish some pumpkins:┬áThis weekend you can send your moldy gourds off in style. Come on down to Great Country Farms on Saturday to herald in Pumpkin Chuckin’ week. Launch your vegetable off a 40ft precipice or shoot it… Read More

Photoset: Welcome to decorative gourd season

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Dowdometer: Harvest Time

It’s time for another appearance of the Dowdometer, where we gauge how GUSA President Pat Dowd is living up to expectations. He’s a pumpkin today in honor of his fall giveaway. Despite being a happy pumpkin, Pat is… Read More

The Great Pumpkins of GUSA

I don’t know which pumpkin won GUSA’s carving contest, but these were some of my favorites.

Free pumpkins, Copley Lawn!

As of 4:35 GUSA’s pagan celebration had fallen apart and people were just taking pumpkins. I don’t know if that’s GUSA-sanctioned or the wisdom of crowds, but it doesn’t bode well for tomorrow’s Dowdometer. If you’ve just come… Read More

Make mine a Pat-o-lantern

GUSA president Pat Dowd and his friends/foot soldiers in GUSA Grassroots are setting up pumpkin carving tables on Healy Lawn today. They’re providing the pumpkins, so you only have to bring your Thomas Friedman blueprints and enthusiasm. At… Read More