Adiós Qdoba, but is anybody really upset about it?

As some of you may already have heard through the grapevine, the Qdoba on 3303 M St, a Georgetown classic (or something), has closed–for good. Yes, we are all incredibly heart-broken and lost without our half-priced Tuesdays, but… Read More

The Burrito War continues: Chipotle now offering free drinks to students

Things have generally been quiet in the Burrito War between M Street’s Qdoba and Chipotle. But no longer: this Saturday Chipotle started giving free drinks to anyone with a student ID. According to a manager at Chipotle, the… Read More

Qdoba reopens today

According to people who’ve walked by the store lately, Qdoba is back in action starting today. It was knocked out by the hurricane, which was a surprise since I thought for sure it’d be a casualty in the… Read More

The Burrito War claims its first casualty

And the winner is … D.C. Schools!  Man, they just can’t seem to catch a break.  First the school closings, now this. For those who haven’t been obsessively following the B.W., in response to Chipotle’s free burrito day… Read More

The Burrito War has officially begun

When the new Qdoba at M and 33rd began offering half-price entrées to Georgetown students on Mondays, I knew it was only a matter of time before the Chipotle down the street would be forced to respond. But… Read More