Middle States visiting team thinks Georgetown is the bee’s knees

As part of the ongoing re-accreditation process Middle States Commission on Higher Education puts the university though on a regular basis, a team of administrators from other university’s came to review Georgetown in the last week. And according… Read More

Some highlights from Georgetown’s re-accreditation self- study

In February, the Office of the Provost released their self-study for re-accreditation. This study covered four topics: planning, resource allocation, and institutional renewal; institutional assessment; general education; and assessment of student learning. You can find the entire 108-page… Read More

President DeGioia reflects on the previous semester

On Wednesday evening, President John DeGioia held his biannual conversation with campus media. Over the hour-long discussion, DeGioia discussed a wide variety of subjects, including the capital campaign, the campus plan, campus safety, Georgetown’s major construction projects,┬ádiversity initiatives,… Read More

Administration officials discuss upcoming re-accreditation process

In an interview with campus media yesterday, University President John DeGioia discussed Georgetown’s approaching re-accreditation process, for which the University has been preparing for over a year. DeGioia commented on the “intense experience” that re-accreditation is for the… Read More

President DeGioia holds Harvard’s fate in his hands

DeGioia’s reaction upon hearing of the hot breakfast outrage Beyond the significant commitments of the raising money from donors, guiding the university and coping with rogue freshmen, it seems Georgetown President John DeGioia has yet another obligation on… Read More