Poll: How much debt will you have when you graduate?

Earlier this week we asked for your stories on how you pay to get through college. We’re interested:  whether Georgetown is giving you financial aid, or you are taking out loans, or you are set to graduate without… Read More

Student debt at Georgetown: What’s your story?

This Saturday, the class of 2012 will receive their diplomas; the air filled with a twinge of pride and sorrow. Our high graduation rate of 87 percent is a blessing to be sure. Many of our peers are… Read More

Malaysian PM criticized for using state funds to arrange daughter’s engagement in Kazakhstan

An opposition member of parliament has accused Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak of using taxpayer money to travel to Kazakhstan in order to to secure the engagement of his daughter Nooryana Najwa Najib (SFS ’11) – a recent University grad…. Read More

Georgetown grad gets life advice via Tumblr

On 1001 Rules for My Unborn Son, writer and TV producer Walker Lamond writes tidbits of clever insight and usually-lighthearted quotations to advise his future progeny (or current progeny—the author now has a small child). And since imitation is… Read More