Fewer store closings in Georgetown during 2010

Based on this graphic, it’s pretty apparent what people come to Georgetown to do: shop and eat. Georgetown Metropolitan reports that 73% of the businesses in the neighborhood are independent. This percentage drops to 41% only a block from Wisconsin Ave. and M St. There have also been fewer store closings, but there was still […]

Has Georgetown weathered the rotten economy?

After many stores closed their doors in recent months, it seemed that the recession had finally hit Georgetown. However, many this summer’s grand openings may be a sign that our cozy little corner of the District has pulled itself out of the depths of recession. Two of the newest additions to the Georgetown shopping scene […]

2009 Professor payraises low across the country, including at Georgetown

A study by the American Association of University Professors found that colleges and universities across the country gave faculty the lowest pay raises in the 50 years since the study began, and Georgetown University is no exception. At Georgetown, full professors’ pay declined by .1 percent, associate professors were given pay raises of .5 percent, […]

Georgetown’s yield rate falls by two percent

Turns out last year’s economic nosedive caused more than just the stock market to decline—Georgetown’s yield rate also took a hit. The yield rate, the percentage of students accepted to Georgetown who chose to enroll, dropped to 43 percent this year, down from last year’s 45 percent.  That makes 2009 the second consecutive year Georgetown’s […]

Economy hurting overpriced Georgetown shops, too, Washington Times reports

Economic hardship: not just for the common folk anymore! This weekend the Washington Times reported that the poor economy is having and impact on everyone—even chic Georgetown boutiques! Disbelievingly, they tell tales of outrageous, unprecedented retail behavior, like sales starting in July rather than the end of August and napkins retailing for a mere $35 […]

Economy crushes Hoya hopeful’s dreams

Only for the fortunate few, now more than ever The recession has led to a lot of hardship and disappointment all around. This year’s crop of high school seniors deciding where to go to college are in a particular bind, having to reconcile their academic dreams with economic realities. The Associated Press has an especially […]

Shitty economy particularly shitty for the Class of 2009

Now, we all know that the economy is awful, but did you know that it’s especially awful for this year’s graduating seniors? A couple recent stories from the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Business Journal paint a pretty vividly depressing picture why. First off, finding a job is extremely difficult due to a triad […]

Citing recession, Board of Directors raises Georgetown tuition a mere $1,080

Your pockets: now 2.9% emptier! The Board of Directors just announced next year’s tuition: it will be a 2.9% increase, up to $38,616 from this year’s $37,536. Room and Board fees will also increase 2.9%, taking the average price of a year’s worth of a Georgetown education up to a whopping $51,543. However, the University […]

Hard times hit the Newseum

At least it’s shiny. Economic downturn is forcing D.C.’s Newseum to cut its staff of 250 by 10 percent. Call it bad luck, but would-be visitors shouldn’t groan at the threat of shortened exhibit hours. When the Voice’s Sara Carothers perused its hallowed media halls in the spring, she found it to be a P.R. […]