Remix Your Weekend: RAC, Kesha, + Lady Gaga

Most music posts these days are looking back at all the top 40 wonders, remixes, mash-ups, and all-around ridiculousnesses of 2009, although those who know me may note my overall nostalgic temperament, when it comes to music (and the new year) there’s no time for looking back, only onward and upwards. The first song is […]

Remix Your Weekend: New Wale + Three Fingers

Christmas is officially over; but, that doesn’t mean the Egg Nog should stop flowing. Holiday Cheer is perpetual in my book. And to commemorate continuous holiday cheer, snow-storms, and good remixes, I have a new Wale track along with some superb remixes by guru DJs Three Fingers. First off, DC’s own Wale came out with […]

Remix Your Weekend: The White Panda + Gonzales

This year, while eating copious amounts of stuffing, turkey, and mashed potatoes, I gave thanks for my family, friends, and good remixes. In order to fully give thanks I’m happy to post a couple great tracks this week from The White Panda and Erol Alkan. I’ve heard a couple of The White Panda’s mashes in […]

Remix Your Weekend: Felt + LMFAO

This week I’ve got some of the usual stuff, and something a little out of the norm for Remix Your Weekend. The first is part of the third collaboration album between two of my favorite Hip Hoppers, Slug and Murs, collectively known as Felt. The second is a great remix of LMFAO (who in turn […]

Remix Your Weekend: The Cool Kids/Hey Champ, Public Enemy, and Deadmau5

This weekend’s songs may not be mash-ups per se, but as per usual they involve the genre blending skillz, this time from two amazing MC’s: Cool Kids and Public Enemy. The first track, a collaboration of Cool Kids and Hey Champ, will fulfill your mellow Indie Hop requirements. Though a mellow track, (We are) Champions […]

Remix Your Weekend: The Knocks remix Master Shortie

Stranger Encounters of the Knocks Remix Every once in a while I stumble upon a track that absolutely floors me. The results of these episodes can include: eyes tearing up, spontaneous dancing in my room, and, often times, a couple yells of sheer joy. The track for this week is one of those ball busters. […]

Remix Your Weekend: DJ Earworm, Bone Thugs N Harmony

I don’t know if it’s possible to come across too many good songs in the span of a week, but this week I came pretty close. Mash-ups of David Guetta, remixes of Bone Thugs, and so many others. Sadly, I had to narrow down our selection to a couple fabulous party tracks for the weekend: […]