Ben’s Chili Bowl plans new satellite restaurant across the river in Rosslyn

Georgetown University isn’t the only classic D.C. institution considering an expansion into the Rosslyn area. Starting in early 2014, famed hot dog and chili eatery Ben’s Chili Bowl will open a new store across the river from Georgetown. The new store will replace Ray’s Hell Burger in the Colonial Village Shopping Center on Wilson Boulevard. According […]

Construction of new Hoya Court eateries delayed

Today, Associate Vice President and Chief Business Officer of University Services Debby Morey announced via email that the construction of new dining options in Hoya Court has been delayed until mid-October. To make up for the delay, University Services has promised temporary food services in Hoya Court. Construction began after the Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, and […]

Now we know why Hoya Court is getting new restaurants

Earlier this summer, the University announced via email blast that the Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Subway which previously graced Hoya Court would be replaced by Elevation Burger, Salad Creations, and a “new and better” Subway. Now we know why: the previous owner of the grease purveyors failed to pay $500,000 in sales taxes and […]

Dine like a sir: Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Week preview

For all the foodies out there in Washington, next week will be a second Christmas. D.C.’s Restaurant Week is a week not only full of delicious top-notch food, but also great deals. From Feb. 4 to 10, hundreds of area restaurants will offer a fixed lunch menu, all for $20.13, and a set dinner menu, […]

Luke’s Lobster opens in Georgetown, looks pretty nice

Yesterday evening, Luke’s Lobster opened in Georgetown on Potomac Street. Owner Luke Holden graduated from Georgetown University in 2007 with a degree from the business school. The shop is two stories, with the traditional Maine-inspired seafood menu. The restaurant looks great, though Vox has yet to try the food out. Review to come soon. Luke’s Lobster […]

Dishing out tasty sandwiches, The Crave takes us back to the ’70s

Nestled on Potomac Street in what used to be GoFresh and Philly P, The Crave has recently opened as Georgetown’s newest sandwich shop. The small eatery prides itself on its corn beef sandwiches, lobster rolls, and gourmet grilled cheeses. First off, be warned that visiting The Crave will be an experience much different than your […]

French bakery PAUL brings its gustatory delights to Georgetown

One of France’s oldest bakeries has just opened its newest location right here in Georgetown. With over 120 years of service and 453 shops worldwide, authentic Parisian bakery PAUL has clearly done a thing or two right over the years. Settled on the corner of Wisconsin and M Street right behind Banana Republic, PAUL fits […]

The Tombs is serving you secondhand meat, WCP reports

In middle school, we all learned about the Native American custom of not wasting a single part of a slain animal. Apparently, 1789′s relatively new executive chef Anthony Lombardo subscribes to that same idea, and is sticking parts of the animal not classy enough for 1789 into your Tombs menu. According to an article posted yesterday […]

Muncheez Mania: A crêperie with a personality disorder

The world of Georgetown restaurants is cut-throat. From cupcakes to kabobs, most end up in ruthless competition with at least one rival. (Think Chipotle vs. Qdoba, Georgetown Cupcake vs. Baked & Wired, or Wingo’s vs. Wing Co.) The result? The restaurants that survive the brawl are delicious and provide top-of-the-line service. So, when a new […]

Half-priced food and drinks take over Georgetown, students rejoice

It seems that Georgetown restaurants can’t get enough of college students. More and more establishments now offer half price specials, almost guaranteeing that their lines go out the door on those special days. So, we’ve compiled a list, including happy hour specials for those of-age. (After all, even upperclassmen can be cheap.) Let us know […]

Prefrosh Preview: The Georgetown neighborhood (daytime edition)

This week, Vox wanted to offer the Class of 2014 a few recommendations of places to visit in the Georgetown neighborhood. Today, we cover daylife—check back later this week for what to do on nights and weekends. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments! When you’re really sick of Leo’s … Clyde’s: The […]