It’s not about the bike: Vox reviews SoulCycle D.C.

SoulCycle D.C. is offering free rides all November to men trying out the techno-based fitness cult spinning studio for the first time, so Vox decided to defy gender stereotypes and take an early morning cruise down to Foggy… Read More

Nomadic’s The Bald Soprano is an absurdist riot

Eugene Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano begins with a Mr. and Mrs. Smith sitting in their comfortably decorated London home, a couple that appears as plain and unassuming as their living room decor. They are your typical middle-aged couple… Read More

Out of Tune: Flo Rida’s Wild Ones masters mediocrity

  As artists like Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa solidify their specific style to carve out a spot on the top 40 chart, they contribute their own unique qualities to the average pop song we may expect to… Read More

French bakery PAUL brings its gustatory delights to Georgetown

One of France’s oldest bakeries has just opened its newest location right here in Georgetown. With over 120 years of service and 453 shops worldwide, authentic Parisian bakery PAUL has clearly done a thing or two right over… Read More

Darnall! The Sitcom, Episode 2: Attack of the Freshmen

Remember when the first Lord of the Rings came out, and the end made you wonder why Peter Jackson would be so cruel as to make you wait a whole freaking year before you could see The Two… Read More

Review: Morso Express’s so-so debut

Despite its 2 a.m. closing time, if you’re looking for another late-night hotspot for drunken food binges and shouted conversations, the recently-opened Morso Express isn’t it. Nestled in a sliver of real estate along on M St. near… Read More

Darnall: The Sitcom reviewed: Worse than living in Darnall? Watching it

“Well, at least we don’t live in Darnall.” It’s the mantra of every Harbin resident with a leaky ceiling, every New South-er with a filthy public shower, and every Village C kid with a toilet-hating gunman on the… Read More