You’ve probably been to one of D.C.’s douchiest bars, but probably not one of the least

“Douchey” is a adjective that gets thrown around a lot in D.C.—it is, after all, chock full of politicians. But as we all know, that designation doesn’t confine itself to the Hill, and, in many cases, a person’s… Read More

Mustaches 4 Kids to host “Shaving Day” event tonight at Rhino

Next time you see a guy with a particularly impressive mustache, supplement your admiration/envy/judgment by handing him a $10 bill. Because that ‘stache just might not be a questionable lifestyle choice, but a fundraising tool to benefit sick… Read More

At Rhino, NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes whip Georgetown students in flip cup

Next time you open your mouth to insult the Georgetown Bro, consider that your assumptions about his species may be false. He may be nowhere near as good at flip cup as you may suppose. At least, he… Read More