Vox is on our way to Syracuse!

Today Vox is┬ádriving into the belly of the beast, braving snow and Eastern Pennsylvania to provide coverage from inside the Carrier Dome of what may be the final Georgetown-Syracuse game for awhile. For our pregame coverage, check out… Read More

Georgetown sophomore travels from New Jersey to Mongolia, and beyond!

Looking for a change of pace during your summer vacation? Tired of sunny beaches and drinks with tiny umbrellas? Look no further than the Mongol Rally, an adventurous road trip organized by the Mongolian Principle Charity Mercy Corps…. Read More

Gas prices, NYT conspire against the great American road trip

I had a lot of big plans for the last summer of my youth, most of them involving fast cars, tepid pools, and cold drinks. Unfortunately, the closest I’ve come this summer to a top-down, wind-in-my-hair moment came… Read More